Guide: World State & HOT Timeline

World State & HOT Timeline

Our World State was crafted using a combination of the choices available to us via the DA protagonists origins as well as in taking creative liberties by making a small number of choice tweaks, compared to the official canon timeline, in order to maximize our narrative options in-game. For example, you'll notice that in our Inquisition timeline some of the side-with-Templars vs. sided-with-Mages lines have blurred.

When we role-play these canon storylines in-game, we name their threads exactly as the plot titles shown below. Otherwise, they'll open up to an external resource where you can learn more.

The results of these narratives are static. Meaning, we won't be altering them further and their inevitable outcomes are sealed as listed. We want to create a world that is both fair and consistent for all players (especially since players tend to come and go).

Aedan Cousland
Warrior | Warden Treaties Alliance (Redcliffe Soldiers, Circle Mages, Orzammar Dwarves, Dalish, & those cured of the Werewolf curse) | Alistair rules | Made the ultimate sacrifce
Leonie Caron
Orlesian Warden-Commander | Architect Alliance | Saved both Amaranthine & Vigil's Keep
Garrett Hawke
Rogue | Mage Alliance | Let Anders live | Both siblings alive
Evelyn Trevelyan
Mage | Templar Alliance | Grand Cleric Victoire is the New Divine | Let Morrigan drink from the Well of Sorrows | Inquisition disbanded

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Pre-Dragon Age: Origins

8:96 Blessed To 9:3 Dragon

The Stolen Throne (King Maric Theirin & Loghain Mac Tir's origin stories)

9:2 Dragon

• Led by Prince Maric, the Fereldan rebels finally succeed in driving out the Orlesian occupational force. He kills the usurper King Meghren in a duel at Fort Drakon.

• Less than a few weeks after Maric's ascension, Chivalry Threnhold becomes Viscount of Kirkwall.

• A short time later, Antiva is shaken by a civil war and the much maligned "Three-Queens Era" begins.

• The ruling Archon of Tevinter Imperium faces usurpation.

9:3 Dragon

• Maric Theirin is crowned as King of Ferelden.

9:5 Dragon

• Knight-Captain Greagoir is named Knight-Commander of the Circle Tower.

9:10 Dragon

• Underneath Ferelden, the intelligent darkspawn known as the Architect attempts to kill the remaining Old Gods and taint the entire surface world. His efforts are thwarted by King Maric and a band of Grey Wardens.

• King Maric allows the order of Grey Wardens to return to Ferelden after two centuries of exile.

• A young female smith named Branka is made Paragon in Orzammar.

The Calling

• Approximately 11 years after King Maric Theirin and his companions ventured into the Deep Roads as described in The Stolen Throne.

9:14 Dragon

• Perrin Threnhold is appointed viscount of Kirkwall.

9:20 Dragon

• Ferelden and Orlais officially make peace after the ascension of Empress Celene to the Orlesian throne.

• Malcolm Hawke and his family settle down in the outskirts of Lothering.

• Nevarra invades Orlais and seizes the town of Larécolte in the fields of Ghislain. Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons leads the Orlesian defense, eventually driving the Nevarrans out of Orlais.

9:21 Dragon

• After a failed attempt to oust the influential Templar Order from the city, Viscount Perrin Threnhold is executed and Marlowe Dumar is appointed Viscount of Kirkwall.

• Due to her part in the arrest of Viscount Threnhold, Meredith Stannard is promoted to Knight-Commander of Kirkwall by Grand Cleric Elthina.

9:22 Dragon

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (Cassandra's origin story)

9:25 Dragon

• King Maric of Ferelden is thought lost at sea.

• Maric's son, Cailan, inherits the throne of Ferelden. Approximately one month later, Cailan marries Anora, daughter of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir.

• The Grey Wardens of Ferelden sense the first hints of a coming Blight.

9:27 Dragon

• With the help of co-conspirators among the Imperial Templars, Magister Urian Nihalias ousts the ruling Black Divine and usurps the title for himself.

Misc Pre-9:30 Dragon

Dragon Age by IWD

• It is unknown when exactly the story takes place, but it is assumed the first issue takes place before the events described in Dragon Age: Origins, as Gregoir is already in charge of the tower even before Gleam is born, as well as when she is an adult. Since the time period of the story is not specified it is unclear if issues 2 to 6 take place after, during, or before the Fifth Blight.

Dragon Age by Penny Arcade

* we leave it to the players involved should they wish to role-play out these narratives in-game vs. off screen or even via Thedas of Days Past.

Dragon Age: Origins

Prologue - Bloomingtide 9:30

• The Fifth Blight begins in the Korcari Wilds and southern Ferelden when the Architect attempts to perform a modified Joining ritual on Urthemiel in the hopes of freeing the darkspawn from the call of the Old Gods, instead Urthemiel is corrupted into an Archdemon.

• On the 8th day of Bloomingtide, the dam in Crestwood is broken in order to flood the invading darkspawn.

Aedan Cousland Origin:

• The Couslands have stewarded the lands of Highever for many generations, dating even to before Ferelden's first king was crowned. They have persevered so long because of their reputation for justice and temperance, as well as their willingness to lead men into battle. With the rise of the darkspawn horde in the south, it thus falls on the Teyrn of Highever to send out the call once again: duty demands that an army be sent to King Cailan's aid at once.

• Born to wealth and power second only to royalty, Aedan Cousland found his training in both diplomacy and war put to the test when his father's castle is betrayed from within, by Rendon Howe, on the very night his elder brother, Fergus, led the family's forces to go fight the darkspawn horde in Ostagar.

• As a result of Rendon Howe's betrayal, a vast number of people are killed—including: Bryce Cousland, Eleanor Cousland (née Mac Eanraig; fun fact: Eleanor was the daughter of Fearchar Mac Eanraig, Bann of the Storm Coast), Oriana Cousland, Oren Cousland, Mother Mallol, Nan, Aldous, Iona, Lady Landra Loren, & Dairren Loren—the latter two being the wife and son of Bann Loren, respectively.

Early Justinian 9:30

Joining the Grey Wardens

Aedan Cousland learns what more about what it takes to become a Grey Warden.

Tainted Blood

Aedan and Alistair gather three vials of darkspawn blood from the Korcari Wilds.

Mid Justinian 9:30

The Grey Wardens' Cache

Aedan and Alistair meet Morrigan while securing several Ancient Treaties from the Grey Wardens' cache.

After the Joining

Aedan survives the joining ritual, becoming a full-fledged Grey Warden. He and Alistair are asked by King Cailan to light the beacon atop the Tower of Ishal, to signal Teyrn Loghain's men to flank the darkspawn.

Solace 9:30

The Tower of Ishal

After cutting through numerous darkspawn, Aedan and Alistair manage to light the beacon. The tower is overrun, however, and the pair are saved by Flemeth. They later wake up in Flemeth's hut, where Morrigan is present. She tells them of Loghain's treachery. Alistair grieves Duncan.

Lothering and the Imperial Highway

• Morrigan suggests travelling north to the village of Lothering to gather news and supplies. Lothering stands on the Imperial Highway: the gateway to the other locations across Ferelden to which the Warden must travel to gather allies against the Blight.

• Sten & Leliana are both recruited in Lothering.

August 9:30

Broken Circle

• The group gained access to Kinloch Hold after Sten bribed Ser Carroll, guarding the ferry, with cookies.

• Aedan chose to check for any survivors of the Circle, rescuing the mages.

• Cullen is encountered in his magical prison, but Aedan refuses his urging to kill the mages.

• Uldred is defeated; Irving survives and Aedan obtains the aid of the mages against the Blight.

• Wynne is recruited.

Kingsway 9:30

The Arl of Redcliffe

• En route to Redcliffe, Alistair confides in Aedan about his birth.

• Offered Bann Teagan their help to defend the village.

• Left Jowan in his cell. Teagan later brings him in and Isolde blames him for everything; Jowan admits poisoning the Arl and says he wants to help.

• Connor is not killed as Aedan went to the Circle Tower for help.

• Entered the Fade and killed the Desire demon.

• Alistair thanks Aedan for seeking the Circles help instead of using Jowan's ritual.

Late Harvestmere to Early Firstfall 9:30

Nature of the Beast

• After entering the Brecilian Forest, Aedan and his companions agree to help the Dalish with their werewolf problem.

• Sided with The Grand Oak found in the Western Forest, retrieving for it the Grand Oak Acorn.

• Chose to parley when speaking with the werewolves, who took them to the Lady of the Forest.

• Brought Zathrian to speak with the Lady of the Forest.

• Sided with the elves and the werewolves. The curse is lifted and the werewolves become human, while the elves are cured. Both honor the treaties, and will help battle the Blight.

Haring 9:30

The Urn of Sacred Ashes

• Did not defile the ashes.

• The group returns to Redcliffe and Arl Eamon is cured.

Late Wintermarch to Early Guardian 9:31

A Paragon of Her Kind

• Helped gain enough influence for Bhelen to win the crown of Orzammar.

• Killed Branka.

• Secured the support of the Dwarves against the Fifth Blight.

Early to Mid Drakonis 9:31

The Landsmeet

• A Landsmeet is called to determine the next ruler of Ferelden.

• Alistair narrowly wins the votes, with Aedan Cousland's help.

○ His supporters were: Alfstanna Eremon (Bann of Waking Sea), Eamon Guerrin (Arl of Redcliffe), Fergus Lendon (Arl of Edgehall), Franderel (Bann of West Hill), Gallagher Wulff (Arl of West Hills), Leonas Bryland (Arl of South Reach), Nicola Baranti (Bann of Denerim), Rodolf (Bann of Dragonmount), Sigard (Bann of Dragon's Peak), Valdur Krole (Bann of Ruswold Valley), Vaughan Kendells (Arl of Denerim; albeit in exchange for his freedom), Grand Cleric Elemena, and others.

• Loghain is executed by Alistair; Anora is placed under house arrest—whisked off to an undisclosed location.

○ Mac Tir supporters, who promptly fled Denerim, were: Ceorlic Jr. (Bann of Southern Bannorn), Loren (Bann of Oswin), Ser Cauthrien (Commander of the elite force known as Maric's Shield), and others.

• Those who were not in attendance of the Landsmeet, either absent or neutral...

○ Esmerelle (Bann of Amaranthine; absent), Fergus Cousland (Teyrn of Highever; absent), Grayson Thornecroft (Commander of the Drakestone Strategic Reserve; absent), Jevrin Barris (Bann of Lakeland; neutral), Karel Dusic (Bann of Sothmere; absent), Reginalda (Bann of White River; absent), Teagan Guerrin (Bann of Rainesfere; absent), Voychek Neruda (Arl of Stenhold; neutral), and others.

Mid to Late Drakonis 9:31

The Battle of Denerim

Fifth Blight Ends; Aedan Cousland makes the ultimate sacrifice, striking the final blow that killed Urthemiel.


• Though he won the support of many during the Landsmeet that ultimately decided who would sit on Ferelden's throne, not everyone in the nation supports King Alistair's claim to the crown. There are those who would still prefer the "Dowager Queen", Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir), as Ferelden's ruler. Some have even been bold enough to write to the King directly, all but demanding Anora's release from confinement. King Alistair and his royalist supporters presently face off against Anora's supporters, the latter calling themselves the Scions of the Land in honor of the Mac Tir name which means "son of the land".

• Eamon Guerrin serves as Chancellor and chief advisor to King Alistair Theirin. He is the King's designated Regent during the monarch's absences. He stepped down as Arl of Redcliffe to devote himself to the Crown.

• After the Fifth Blight, residents of Redcliffe Village, eager to leave the memory of the Blight behind them, gradually moved their settlement from the east side of Redcliffe Castle to the west. Old Redcliffe still exists, but has largely been abandoned. Also during this time period, Arl Teagan Guerrin married a Denerim foundry owner, and former native of Redcliffe, named Kaitlyn. When his wife's brother, Bevin, came of age Teagan named the young man the new Bann of Rainesfere.

• Fergus Cousland remains the Teryn of Highever. Though King Alistair remains unmarried himself, and as something of a jest shared between them, the monarch has been encouraging the widower to remarry.

• Though he did not romance any of his adventuring companions, it has recently come to light that the late Aedan Cousland had a thing for barmaids. Over the last decade, a number of Aedan's prior dalliances have come forward and presented the late Warden's still-living brother, Teryn Fergus Cousland, with the consequences of Aedan's carelessness—the consequences themselves being a number of children born out of wedlock, many of whom were conceived well before Aedan became posthumously named the Hero of Ferelden. As such, the Teryn's had his hands full over the last thirteen or so years.

• Lothering, likewise, continued to suffer after enduring both the Fifth Blight and having been stuck in the crosshairs of the Mage-Templar War. Unlike Haven, it might have benefited from it's location along the Imperial Highway but the Fifth Blight poisoned the land. While it's accepted that it will take decades for the soil to recover, efforts are still underway to help heal the Blight-scarred village. Given that Arl Leonas Bryland abandoned them during the Fifth Blight, many displaced Lothering natives have already pledged fealty to other leaders of the Bannorn. Though not yet a desirable location, should the settlement one day prove fruitful again its fealty to the Bryland's seems unlikely. Possibly in consideration of this, or perhaps solely out of goodwill, banns closer to the area have begun to provide aid and resources to the once lucrative trading outpost's cause. Nonetheless, many still refer to the area as the Blightlands. The Grey Wardens of Ferelden have begun using the Blightlands as a training grounds for new recruits.

• In Orzammar, King Bhelen quickly proved himself a reformer. Trade with the surface lands increased and caste restrictions were loosened. The casteless were permitted to take arms against the darkspawn in exchange for new freedoms. Bhelen's reforms quickly found him enemies within the warrior and noble castes, however, and after several assassination attempts, the Assembly was dissolved. The king then ruled alone—some said as a tyrant, others said as a visionary determined to drag Orzammar into the modern world. For the first time in generations, the line in the Deep Roads was pushed back, and a few thaigs were reclaimed.

Refer to the Hero of Ferelden's codex for a more detailed overview of our original Warden's choices.

Dragon Age: Warden's Fall

Early Cloudreach 9:31

Warden's Fall - Act I

Late Cloudreach 9:31

Warden's Fall - Act II

Early Bloomingtide 9:31

Warden's Fall - Act III

Late Bloomingtide 9:31

Warden's Fall - Act IV
Warden's Fall - Act V

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

The Amaranthine Conflict (aka The Darkspawn Civil War) begins.

17th Justinian 9:31

The Assault on Vigil's Keep

• Warden-Commander Leonie and Mhairi arrive at Vigil's Keep, which is overrun with darkspawn.

• Conscripted Anders and Nathaniel as well as welcomed Oghren into the Grey Wardens.

The Righteous Path

• Velanna, an angry elf, had been burning all the caravans that pass through the Wending Wood, falsely believing that humans, and not darkspawn, were responsible for her sister's disappearance.

• Leonie and the others encounter the Architect while exploring the Silverite Mine

• Velanna is recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Late Justinian 9:31

Last of the Legion

•Within Kal'Hirol, Leonie first learns of the broodmothers.

• Sigrun joins the party and is later recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Shadows of the Blackmarsh

• Varel reveals the existence of a Grey Warden named Kristoff who was not present during The Assault on Vigil's Keep. He suggests that the Commander investigate his whereabouts starting from the City of Amaranthine—the investigation eventually takes them to the Blackmarsh.

• Leonie and the others are pulled into the Fade, where they meet Justice and learn about the Baroness.

• Leonie decided to help the villagers and stormed the estate's gates.

• Back in the physical world, the Warden-Commander wakes up and notices that Kristoff's corpse is moving. It is revealed then that when the Baroness crossed the veil, Justice was unintentionally brought here as well.

• The Baroness is revealed to be a Pride Demon, but is ultimately defeated.

• Justice/Kristoff joins the party.

The Assault on Amaranthine & The Siege of Vigil's Keep

The Mother simultaneously attacks the city and the keep, but the latter holds—thanks to reinforcements to the structure—allowing Leonie and the others to make for the city in the knick of time. Both the city and the keep are saved.

* We'll be role-playing out both scenarios in-game, players will have the option of holding the keep or going with Leonie to save the city.

Depths of Depravity

• After finally discovering the location of the Mother's lair, a strike team of Grey Wardens led by the Warden-Commander entered Drake's Fall to destroy her. During their descent, the Wardens re-activated three old Tevinter towers with powerful magic stored within.

While the team was exploring Drake's Fall, the Architect met the Warden-Commander face to face for the second time, and explained his intentions and reasons for experimenting on the Wardens during their last meeting. After talking about his inverted Joining ritual and explaining the attack on Vigil's Keep, as well as other events including the Mother's origins, he made the Warden-Commander an offer: in exchange for his help fighting the Mother, the Architect would be allowed to leave with his followers to continue his work. The other Wardens had differing opinions on fighting or agreeing with the Architect, but ultimately Leonie accepted his offer.

The Wardens reached the Mother's lair and after a long and grueling fight, the Mother was slain, putting an end to the conflict.


• The Architect kept true to his word, freeing the darkspawn from the Old Gods' call and gathering his remaining disciples to follow the rest of their kind back underground. Those Grey Wardens in other nations were appalled to hear of the Architect's continued existence, saying that it guaranteed another Blight, but were unable to track him down despite years of effort. With the Mother dead, all remaining darkspawn forces scattered and returned to the Deep Roads. The attacks on Amaranthine came to an abrupt end. Grey Wardens from other nations traveled to Amaranthine and began to hunt and capture some of the Disciples in order to learn more about them. However, darkspawn sightings grew increasingly rare and the dwarves claimed that the Deep Roads had never been quieter. Peace allowed the Wardens to replenish their numbers, and in time the keep bore an army with Wardens as its core, and new heroes would emerge from their ranks to challenge threats to Amaranthine and Ferelden.

• The Orlesian-born Warden-Commander Leonie Caron was hailed the Champion of Amaranthine after saving both the City of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep from destruction at the hands of darkspawn. The arling's capital continues to thrive to this day and, with a large Warden presence throughout Amaranthine overall, the southern Wardens have begun to build up a reputation of political sway in the region. Vigil's Keep serves as Ferelden's main base for the southern Grey Wardens—although Soldier's Peak, found along the Tarcaisne Ridge that separates Highever from Amaranthine, has resumed use by the Wardens as well. Leonie remains the interim Arlessa of Amaranthine.

• A former templar, Rolan, infiltrates the Grey Warden ranks to keep a close watch on Anders. After Anders allows Justice to use his body as a host, Rolan accuses him of becoming an abomination and brings the templars down on him, stating that the Wardens agreed with the decision. Anders kills Rolan, the templars, and the Wardens involved and then flees to Kirkwall. (Refer to Anders' canon short story for more information).

• Nathaniel will dedicate himself to the Order and to clearing the blemishes on his family's name. After saving Teyrn Fergus Cousland from a bandit attack, a portion of Amaranthine is returned to the Howes. Nathaniel passes the holding to his sister Delilah's son. When a new castle is built there, a statue of Nathaniel is erected in its courtyard. He continues to serve the Grey Wardens, reporting to Warden-Commander Leonie Caron as her second-in-command as the Constable of the Grey

• Oghren stays with the Order and tells stories of his prowess in both battle and bed to the new recruits. His drinking games prompts at least one recruit to declare that she'd rather reattempt the Joining than lift another mug. He is eventually stationed as the Field Commander of the Lothering Blightlands.

• Although Sigrun seemed intent on leaving for her Calling, departing for the Deep Roads to finish what she started in Kal'Hirol, the Warden-Commander had a knack for finding important and absolutely urgent things to occupy the dwarf. And so Sigrun delayed her long walk into the darkness for several decades, even though she never stopped cracking jokes about needing to throw herself at death.

• Velanna will remained with the Wardens, but years later, on an expedition in the Deep Roads, Velanna takes off on her own after saying she had seen her sister, Seranni, in the shadows. The other Wardens searched for her, but she was truly gone.

• With Velanna and the Architect gone from the region, the Pilgrim's Path began to see traffic again.

• Kal'Hirol is cleared of darkspawn, and eventually the dwarves of Orzammar attempt to reclaim it. House Helmi ultimately leads a host of dwarves to clear the Deep Roads between Orzammar and Kal'Hirol, and though the losses were great, they are ultimately successful. Kal'Hirol is reclaimed by Orzammar once and for all.

• In time, the Arling began to forget the tales of apparitions in the Blackmarsh, and ever so slowly, settlers drifted into the region. The village was slowly rebuilt, but the baroness's mansion was torn down completely and the site left untouched after both of her previous occupiers (one a wealthy merchant and the other an Orlesian mage) died mysteriously.

Refer to the Champion of Amaranthine codex for a more detailed overview of our new Orlesian Warden's choices.

Dragon Age II

Prologue - Kingsway 9:30

The Destruction of Lothering

Lothering is destroyed by the darkspawn, and the Hawke family, along with Aveline Vallen, flee to Kirkwall with the aid of Flemeth.

Kingsway 9:31 (Time Skip - 1 Year)

A New Home? - Act I

* Combined with the latter, Kirkwall half of the opening prologue.

• Upon arriving in Kirkwall, the Hawkes find out that the city is filled with Fereldan refugees and that the city guard is not allowing any of them to leave the Gallows Courtyard.

• The Hawkes reunite with Gamlen. He has sold the Hawke siblings into indentured servitude.

• Hawke starts working for Athenril as a smuggler.

Birthright - Act I

The Hawke siblings break in to the Amell Estate, occupied by slavers, and retrieve their grandfather's will.

A Friend in the Guard - Act I

Hawke visits Aveline, now a city guard in Kirkwall and discusses a possible job.

A Business Decision - Act I

Varric and Hawke discuss their options for finding a suitable entrance into the Deep Roads, the former informs Hawke that a Grey Warden who might know of one recently arrived in Kirkwall from Ferelden along with the other refugees.

Tranquility - Act I

• Lirene tells Hawke about the Grey Warden, Anders, and directs him to Anders's Clinic in Darktown.

• Anders proposes a favor for a favor.

• Karl has been made Tranquil and set up as bait. Anders is enraged by what has been done to his friend, and as the party is attacked by the templars, the spirit of Justice overtakes him.

Fools Rush In - Act I

Hawke heads to the Hanged Man, where he comes upon a gang demanding payment from Isabela. After they are beaten by her, she asks Hawke to provide backup for a duel she has set up with an old acquaintance that she fears will not play fair.

Harvestmere 9:31

Bait and Switch - Act I

• Hawke heads to the Lowtown Bazaar at night to meet with a smuggling contact, Anso. He hires Hawke to recover stolen goods that he implies to be lyrium.

• They head to the city's elven alienage, where Fenris is first encountered and he reveals that he had retained Anso to hire mercenaries in order to determine what was being hidden in the smuggler's hideout, which was really a trap set by agents of Magister Danarius to re-capture Fenris. Hawke agrees to help him.

Long Way Home - Act I

Hawke travels to the Dalish camp at Sundermount, after setting out to fulfill his promise to Flemeth. Keeper Marethari sends Hawke to meet her First, Merrill, who will accompany Hawke up the mountain to perform Flemeth's ritual.

Blackpowder Promise - Act I

• Heading back to Kirkwall from Sundermoot, Hawke and company come upon Javaris Tintop and his guards being ambushed by giant spiders.

• After rescue, Javaris asks Hawke to kill a band of Tal-Vashoth to win favor with the Qunari Arishok. Aftwerward, they enter the Qunari compound and report to the Arishok that the Tal-Vashoth were dealt with.

Firstfall 9:31

The Unbidden Rescue - Act I

The Viscount tasks Hawke with finding his missing son.

Enemies Among Us - Act I

• Hawke assists a woman in need, Macha, as she searches for her missing brother, a templar recruit by the name of Keran who has mysteriously gone missing.

• Upon arriving at Wilmod's camp, Hawke encounters Knight-Captain Cullen intimidating the frightened recruit who then turns into an abomination. After helping Cullen, he will tell Hawke that Wilmod and Keran were last seen at the Blooming Rose, but bashfully admits that he was uncomfortable questioning the ladies of the establishment. The investigation takes them to the local brothel.

• Ultimately, they find Keran in Darktown floating in a magical cage. A fanatical apostate named Tarohne found him unsuitable to be possessed and is instead drawing energy from him to help her effots to implant demons into the recruits in order to sow chaos and paranoia in the ranks of the Templar Order.

• Keran is freed. When reporting to Cullen, Hawke persuade Cullen to keep Keran in the Order.

Haring 9:31

Wayward Son - Act I

• Hawke searches for Feynriel, a young man with a talent for magic, a fact that his mother hid out of fear of losing him to the Circle until his nightmares could no longer be ignored.

• After finding Feynriel, Hawke sends him to the Dalish.

Shepherding Wolves - Act I

Sister Petrice asks Hawke to lead a chained and collared Qunari out of Kirkwall to freedom. After things don't exactly go according to plan, he later informs the Arishok about the events that transpired.

Duty - Act I

Sebastian Vael hires Hawke and company to help him uncover and kill the mercenaries that killed his family.

Wintermarch 9:32

Act of Mercy - Act I

• Ser Thrask requests Hawke's help in peacefully bringing in Starkhaven mages that escaped mid-transfer to Kirkwall, before another group of more violent templars led by Ser Karras arrives to outright kill the apostates.

• Hawke finds the mages and promises them that will convince Thrask they are dead.

The Deep Roads Expedition* - Act I

* In our story, both siblings survived the prologue. We leave it up to their adoptive players whether or not they joined the Grey Wardens after succumbing to Blight corruption.

After being allowed to enter Kirkwall and working for a year, Hawke needs to join an expedition to the Deep Roads to gain money and status within the city. The expedition is run by the brothers Bartrand and Varric, and lasts just shy of 2 months.

Justinian 9:34 (Time Skip - 2.5 Years)

Finding Home - Act II

Hawke returns to the Hawke Estate, previously the Amell Estate, having bought it back with the fortune accumulated from The Deep Roads Expedition.

Blackpowder Courtesy* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

The Arishok asks Hawke to track down Javaris.

Offered and Lost* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

Viscount Dumar informs Hawke that the Arishok sent a delegation to meet with him, which has apparently gone missing. Later, after witnessing the delegation's killing, Hawke chooses to be honest with the Arishok about their deaths.

Solace 9:34

Prime Suspect - Act II

Hawke helps Aveline investigate a serial killer.

August 9:34

All That Remains - Act II

• Leandra, mother of the Hawke siblings, goes missing.

• Hawke and company confront Quentin, an insane blood mage, in his lair and see for themselves the disturbing results of his actions.

Kingsway 9:34

Repentance - Act II

After a period of mourning, following his mother's death, Hawke helps Sebastian confront the Harimann family.

Harvestmere 9:34

Following the Qun* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

Worried for his son's safety, after he converted to the Qun, the viscount summoned Hawke to go to Saemus and convince him to come home. Mother Petrice has Saemus murdered, hoping to turn the boy into a martyr for the anti-Qunari cause and inspiring the city to oust them once and for all. The Arishok saw the death of someone under his command by this plot as the final insult, and so discretely begins to prepare his forces for war. As for the viscount, the loss of his own son struck his heart with grief, leaving him incapable of leading his city.

To Catch a Thief* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

After agreeing to help Isabela, she betrays Hawke and makes off with the Tome of Koslun.

Demands of the Qun* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

• Things come to a head with the Qunari, and the First Battle of Kirkwall begins.

• The Arishok and Hawke a duel one-on-one.

• The Qunari leave Kirkwall after the death of their leader.

• With the Qunari threat ended, the nobility of Kirkwall and Knight-Commander Meredith declare Hawke to be the Champion of Kirkwall.

Bloomingtide 9:37 (Time Skip - 2 Years + 2 Months)

On The Loose - Act III

• Meredith requests that Hawke track down three dangerous apostates (Huon, Evelina, and Emile de Launcet) and bring them back dead or alive.

• Chooses to let Emile de Launcet go free.

Best Served Cold - Act III

First Enchanter Orsino reaches out to Hawke for help after Meredith has confined all Circle mages to their cells and forbade Orsino from traveling further than the Courtyard.

The Last Straw* - Act III

* Relates to the Kirkwall Rebellion.

• Meredith accuses First Enchanter Orsino of harbouring blood mages. Orsino storms off to bring the matter to the Grand Cleric's attention. Seconds later, a bomb Anders planted inside the Kirkwall chantry explodes, killing Grand Cleric Elthina and everybody else inside. As the explosion was not contained, deadly debris from Anders' blast also rained over half of Kirkwall.

• Immediately after the chantry explosion, Meredith invokes the Right of Annulment - calling on the templars to execute every mage in the Kirkwall Circle - despite the Circle of Magi having nothing to do with the Chantry explosion. First Enchanter Orsino rallies the Circle together to fight the templars in turn. Both factions petition for the Champion's assistance.

• Hawke sides with the mages. Violence erupts shortly after the Champion's decision, with the mages and templars now in open warfare across Kirkwall. The city is in chaos.

• After a temporary ceasefire is called, Meredith leads a full-scale attack on the Gallows that sees many on both sides slain, to which First Enchanter Orsino retaliates by resorting to blood magic.

• Following Orsino's slaying, Meredith's insanity is revealed in turn. When Knight-Captain Cullen orders Meredith to stand down and declares her relieved of command, Meredith angrily accuses her templars of being enthralled by blood magic. A battle ensues. When it became apparent that the Champion would prevail, Meredith refuses to accept defeat and attempts to draw more power from a red lyrium sword. Instead, the sword explodes, and the lyrium sinks into her skin, petrifying her. Granted de facto command, Cullen silently ordered the remaining templars to cease hostilities against the Champion.

• While Hawke lets Anders go, he still rejects his help in the final battle.


• News of the slaughter of Kirkwall's Circle spread far beyond the city's borders. The Champion's name became a rallying cry, as a symbol of Mage resistance. This in turn incited the Circles in other nations to rise up against the templars and the Chantry, bringing Thedas to the brink of a war between the mages and templars on a worldwide scale.

• Three years after the Kirkwall Rebellion, Varric Tethras was captured by the Seekers of Truth.

• As for the state of Kirkwall, more templars arrived to serve under Cullen's command to restore order to the city. By 9:41, Kirkwall was ruled by Provisional Viscount Bran Cavin. Bran reluctantly assumed the office only because no one else familiar with the protocols wanted it. He saw his appointment as temporary. Bran spent much of his time negotiating with numerous would-be conquerors of the city while Captain of the Guard Aveline and the Kirkwall Militia ably defended it.

• Kirkwall only began to recover from the calamities of the previous decade in 9:44, when Varric Tethras, a former member both of Hawke's circle and of the reformed Inquisition, was elected the new Viscount by the nobles.

Refer to the Champion of Kirkwall codex for a more detailed overview of our Hawke's choices.


The Silent Grove
Those Who Speak
Until We Sleep
The Masked Empire
The Last Flight

* we leave it to the players involved should they wish to role-play out these narratives in-game vs. off screen or even via Thedas of Days Past.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Guardian 9:41

The Conclave
The Wrath of Heaven

• Chose to take the mountain path, saving what remained of the scouting party; Cassandra, Varric & Solas fought alongside Evelyn.

• Becomes known as the Herald of Andraste.

• The Breach and the mark on the Evelyn's hand are temporarily stabilized.

The Threat Remains

• Evelyn meets Cullen and Josephine for the first time.

• The Inquisitor visits Val Royeaux in order to talk to the remaining Chantry mothers, facing their accusations head-on and hoping that at least some of them will grow doubtful of the Chantry's claims about the newly formed Inquisition. After Revered Mother Hevara publicly denounces the Inquisition and declares its followers heretics, Lord Seeker Lucius interrupts her speech and one of the Templars under his command knocks her out. He mocks the Chantry mothers and dismisses any idea of allying with the Inquisition before leading all Templar forces out of the city, claiming it is not worthy of their protection.

Belle is recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

Cloudreach 9:41

Champions of the Just

• Inquisitor heads to Therinfal Redoubt.

• Impatiently refuses the ritual, demanding to see the Lord Seeker.

• The Red Templar plot unfolds .

• Enters the Knight-Captain's quarters, discovering Denam's treachery.

• Meet's Cole for the first time after getting pulled into the Fade.

• Lord Seeker is revealed to be an imposter: an Envy demon that assumed his form.

• Holds the Great Hall and saves all the uncorrupted lieuntenants.

• Discovers the Elder One wants Empress Celene dead.

• Lord Abernache survives; remains an ally of the Inquisition.

• Tells the templars to rebuild their order as partners and free allies of the Inquisition.

• The Templars join the Inquisition in the effort to seal the Breach; the Mages are left to their fate.

• Ser Barris survives and is recruited as an agent for to Cullen.

• Cole reappears in Haven's war room, startling the advisors.

In Hushed Whispers*

* Tweaked so we could still get in on the time magic fun and combined with Investigate Redcliffe Castle (War Table Operation) & Business Arrangements.

• The rebel mages at Redcliffe Castle went silent while the Inquisition dealt with the Templars at Therinfal Redoubt.

• Heeded Leliana's advice—a small party of Inquisition members, including Bull's Chargers, go to Redcliffe. The party pokes around the village before gaining entry to the castle through a secret passage, to see if they could find out what happened with the mages.

• Evelyn meets Connor Guerrin.

• After going to the Gull and Lantern, the Inquisition recruits Clemence.

Tanner is also recruited.

• The time ritual was disrupted, and Gereon Alexius was captured while the rebel mages led by Grand Enchanter Fiona—not wanting to become prisoners of the Inquisition—quickly abandon him to his fate and return to the Elder One to plot their next move.

Dorian is recruited.

Bloomingtide 9:41

In Your Heart Shall Burn

Alexius reveals Arl Gallagher Wulff's involvement, thinking it will earn him the Inquisitor's favor.

• With the aid of the unsuspecting Arl of West Hills, Gallagher Wulff, the Venatori are able to boost their numbers by conscripting the rebel mages. With the Red Templars weakened by their failure to corrupt the Templars billeted at Therinfal Redoubt, Corypheus elects to use the Venatori to assault Haven and crush the Inquisition in retaliation for sealing the breach. Led by Calpernia, the Venatori attack Haven en masse. Grand Enchanter Fiona confronts the Herald of Andraste personally in an attempt to prevent them from firing the inner trebuchets but is slain. Haven is destroyed and the Venatori score a decisive victory over the Inquisition, although the Herald escapes along with many villagers and some Inquisition troops.

• Threnn, Seggrit, Harrit, Lysette, Flissa, Minaeve, & Adan were all saved.

Alexius is presumed dead after having been left behind in the Chantry's cells when Haven fell to Corypheus and the Venatori.

• Solas leads the Inquisition to Skyhold.

• The Herald is officially named the Inquisitor; declares the Inquisition for "what's right".

Justinian 9:41

From The Ashes

• Settling in at Skyhold.

• The Inquisitor meets the Champion of Kirkwall.

• Varric and Cassandra have it out once it's revealed he knew where Hawke was.

August 9:41

Here Lies the Abyss*

* Combined with Investigate the Western Approach (War Table Operation), & Into the Approach (Side Quest).

• Stroud is left in the Fade.

• The Grey Wardens of Orlais are banished to the Anderferls.

Harvestmere 9:41

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

• All companions and advisors attend the ball.

• All three leaders were forced into a public truce by the Inquisitor. The empire's ties to the Inquisition would go on to remain strong, both sides benefiting from the ongoing relationship. The alliance meets with the approval of Celene's subjects, who see it as a necessary move within the game. Orlais prospers, and soon forgets that it could very easily have been otherwise.

Grand Duchess Florianne's crimes were publicly exposed to the court, avoiding further bloodshed.

Morrigan is named Imperial Liaison to the Inquisition and moves to Skyhold.

Drakonis 9:42

What Pride Had Wrought

• In the Arbor Wilds, Morrigan fights alongside the Inquisition, Celene's chevaliers, and Templars against the Red Templars and Grey Wardens under Corypheus' control.

• At the entrance of the Temple of Mythal, Corypheus and Calpernia can be found along with their assembled Venatori forces facing down some Sentinel Elves.

• Evelyn completed the elven rituals, and accepted Abelas offer of an alliance. Abelas stated the Well will not be despoiled. He leaves, stating that he will destroy the Well in order to save it from such a fate. Outraged, Morrigan pursues him.

• A sentinel guide leads the Inquisition through the rest of the temple through secret passages allowing them to avoid combating Corypheus' minions in the inner sanctum.

• Avoided the fight against Calpernia entirely by exposing Corypheus' plot to use her.

• Abelas is convinced to relent in destroying the Well of Sorrows, and allows the Inquisition to access it.

• Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows.

Jaws of Hakkon begins.

* Combined with Investigate Frostback Basin.

Helsdim Rolfsen, Sigrid Guldsdotten, & Storvacker are all recruited as agents of the Inquisition.

Bloomingtide 9:42

The Descent

• Because of their common enemy, Orzammar became the Inquisition's sole supplier of lyrium. However things were not well in the city, with the turmoil happening on the surface, including the days of the Orlesian Civil War, the food imports from the surface were severely decreased, causing widespread food riots and civil unrest. Orzammar continues to recover from this difficult time with King Bhelen seeking to establish new, stable trade agreements. A number of his ambassadors have been sent to the newly unified Orlais, and other regions, to negotiate terms.

• The Inquisition receives an urgent request for aid from Orzammar, as earthquakes in the Deep Roads are threatening to collapse lyrium mines and cut off supply of the essential mineral to the surface.

Justinian 9:42

The Final Piece

Morrigan and the Inquisitor summon Mythal.

Doom Upon All the World

• The end game against Corypheus and his dragon.

• When the dust settles, Solas abandons the Inquisition without word.


• While the Inquisitor supported Vivienne's candidacy for the next Divine, Grand Cleric Victoire* played the Game better in the end—taking the Sunburst Throne for herself at the midnight hour. The task of keeping the peace as well as reforming and rebuilding old institutions associated with the Orlesian Chantry fell to its new divine. Given the name Divine Victoria, Victoire immediately enacted reform: a new Templar Order and a new Circle of Magi.
* We have decided on this alternative so that anyone looking to play either Vivienne, Cassandra, or Leliana will have a bit more creative freedom in-game.

• Many templars went on to follow in the footsteps of Commander Cullen, going through the slow and agonizing process of lyrium withdrawal. Many rejoin the Templar Order under the new Divine – on the condition that her leash will not be reattached.

• Although Vivienne lost the race for Sunburst Throne, she was elected Grand Enchanter of the Circle of Magi. Her inauguration was not as triumphant as she had hoped, however. Those veteran mages of the Inquisition who did not return to the fold formed a new College of Enchanters as a rival organization to her circle.

• Many mages refused the Divine and Grand Enchanter's invitation to rejoin the Circle of Magi. However, this new mage rebellion did not last, as the new Divine and the new Grand Enchanter united to bring down their fury upon them. Some mages surrendered; others returned to the remnants of the Inquisition. Either way, the new Circle of Magi now stands triumphant.

• Those Grey Wardens who survived the battle at Adamant ventured north into exile, at the Inquisitor's order. They returned to the mighty fortress of Weisshaupt, and word slowly spreads that a battle for control of the Order has erupted. Slowly, the Wardens withdraw from across the north as well. Some believe the ancient order is on the verge of vanishing forever.; the southern Grey Wardens still based out of Ferelden split from the northern faction.

• Although, Alistair did request the Inquisition's aid with foiling a Venatori plot against his life and, later, asked the Inquisition to serve as mediators in the peace talks with the ruler of Orlais, following the resolution of the War of the Lions—once the battle against the Elder One had ended, he fully supported its disbandment. This was likely owing to the Ferelden king not wanting a large military force in his backyard.

• Empress Celene reconciled/reunited with both Briala & Gaspard; Celene proves instrumental in granting many key members of the Inquisition full pardons after Divine Victoria denounces the faction.

• Arl Gallagher Wulff of West Hills continues to atone for his part in misguidedly aligning with the Venatori and the destruction of Haven. With the Inquisition disbanded and the Venatori likewise scattered, he no longer serves as a repentant spy for the former against the latter but continues to provide Haven's reconstruction efforts with financial support from his very own coffers.

• Varric Tethras funded numerous reconstruction projects in Kirkwall. His reconstruction efforts got the harbor and businesses running again and in recognition of his deeds, the nobles voted him in as the new Viscount of Kirkwall. As Viscount, Varric continued his work to rebuild the city's damaged infrastructure. Under his rule, the city-state finally resumed its place as the major trade-hub of the Free Marches. Relations between Kirkwall and Starkhaven have soured in recent years, however, due to Prince Sebastian's recent attempt of occupation of the former. His forces were driven out of Kirkwall with help from the Inquisition.

Refer to the Inquisitor's Path for the Inquisition's timeline it's entirety, all side quests inclusive.


Late 9:43

Knight Errant

Early 9:44


Late Mid 9:44

Blue Wraith

• Occurs several months after Knight-Errant.

* we leave it to the players involved should they wish to role-play out these narratives in-game vs. off screen or even via Thedas of Days Past.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser

Solace 9:44

Attend the Exalted Council (War Table Operation)

• Received a sending crystal from Dorian, which allows Evelyn and he to communicate from long distances.

• Chose to detain the Inquisition guard involved in a scuffle with an Orlesian servant.

• The new Divine, Grand Cleric Victoire* issued a proclamation denouncing the Inquisition, prompting it to be—at least publicly—dissolved. Initially, Divine Victoria had wanted its members arrested but pressure from the monarchy of Orlais prompted her to issue many of its key members a formal pardon instead.
* We have decided on this alternative so that anyone looking to play either Vivienne, Cassandra, or Leliana will have a bit more creative freedom in-game.


• It is revealed the Viddasala has bought Qunari troops, including Kirkwall elves that had converted to the Qun, with plans on assassinating the leaders of the South and converting those who remained, but her plan is ultimately foiled by Solas.

• Jerran is spared, but his body is found later anyway.

• Iron Bull does not betray the Inquisitor.

• Evelyn figured out on her own that Solas is not an agent of Fen'Harel, but Fen'Harel himself, and confronts him about it.

• To save the Inquisitor's life, Solas takes the Anchor, along with her left forearm, and leaves through the eluvian.


• After the events at the Winter Palace, elves left the Inquisition under mysterious circumstances, as did elven servants across Thedas. None could say where they went, but those who believed the Inquisitor's story about Fen'Harel wondered just how large the Dread Wolf's forces were... and what the ancient elven rebel had planned.

• With the Dragon's Breath disrupted and any hope of a swift victory dashed, the Qunari retreated back to the North. Few knew what debates were waged in Par Vollen, but not long after the Exalted Council, the Qunari launched new attacks against Tevinter. Their aggression caught the already unstable Imperium off guard. Tevinter was soon mired in a war many feared could spread across Thedas. Historically, the two Divines—Orlesian and Imperial—had often united against Qunari threats leaving many to wonder what decision Divine Victoria will ultimately come to in the end. Thus far, the Qunari have already conquered the city of Ventus, known in the past as Qarinus, and the Nocen Sea remains the site of ongoing naval battles between the Imperium's fleet and Qunari dreadnoughts. Rumours of the inevitability of an Exalted March have begun to swirl throughout Thedas.

• In short order, by 9:44, the Inquisition was forced to disband. Some were relieved to see the unpredictable organization dismantled. Others preferred to remember the Inquisition's good works and the many lives it had saved. Those who had served returned to their former lives, knowing they had stopped a great evil from destroying the world and hoping that the peace for which they had fought remained, once the Inquisition was gone.

We're not incorporating narratives from Tevinter Nights at this time, but this might change as narratives progress, or whenevr DA:4 is released.