Guide: Rules

Section 1: Registration

Registration is mandatory to post threads on the "Thedas" boards, but not to read them. Players can register by clicking here: Heroes of Thedas Registration.

Fun fact: ProbBards, the network host for our game, allows for multiple accounts using the same login. This means you will not need to register more than once, so you can easily switch between multiple character accounts using the same email address.

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Section 2: Usernames vs. Display Names

Please choose a username that is the same as your character's first name.

Your display name should be your character's name in full - once registered, you can change your display name in your profile settings:

Profile > Edit Profile (it is a button on the right, not in the tabs) > Personal tab > Display Name field.

Any inappropriate display names will need to be changed. e.g. real world slang, your IRL name, well-known / trademarked / copyrighted names (i.e. you cannot be the Witcher Geralt of Rivia), leet speak (i.e. n00b5layer, etc.), or vulgarities.

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Section 3: Application Process

Our Character Creation guide will help you build out your Character Application. Please post completed applications in the Applications Queue and wait for staff to contact you with next steps. Most profiles will require some editing as we're following a particular Dragon Age canon setting. Do not begin posting in-character until your profile's been approved.

Once approved, profiles will be moved to the appropriate "gallery" in our Characters of Thedas section.

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Section 4: Character Allowances

Every new player is entitled to have 3 characters to start with (1 of which must be a canon, it doesn't matter if it's a major, minor, or special canon).

Additional characters can be applied for after 2 weeks only if that player has been active and consistent IC.

For canons only, players can only ever have, over time, a maximum of 2 major canons , 2 minor canons, and/or 1 special canons (i.e. 5 in total).

Major Canons: includes any of the core companions from DA:O, Awakening, DA:2, or DA:I as well as high profile monarchs and prominently featured villains.

Minor Canons: includes lesser-featured or lesser-known characters including those from the books or comics, all non-royal nobility, those mentioned but never seen (e.g. Cullen's siblings), and many of the names mentioned in DA:I War Table missions.

Special Canons: includes the alternative protagonist origins, i.e. those who did not become the Hero of Ferelden or the Inquisitor are still alive, so roleplayers can build alternative destinies for them.

The application process for additional characters will be the same, every time: fill out an application form, post it, and wait for approval before roleplaying as said additional character.

"Wait, wait, wait—back up a second—unlimited OCs? That's bonkers!"

Yeah, well... .

Playing A Canon

1. Players with canon characters are encouraged to post as said canon a minimum of 4 posts (not threads, but each post should be in a different thread) per month.

2. Solo threads won't count toward the monthly minimum for posting, the posts must to be in threads with other players.

3. Players with canon characters cannot turn down thread requests from other players without justifiable cause or explanation such as:
◦ The canon character is in a different kingdom, city, etc. thus making it somehow implausible because… oceans, etc.
◦ The canon character is already in 10 separate threads (we don’t want to overload players).
◦ The canon character is unavailable on a specific in-game date (via the Chantry Calendar because they’re already in a thread at that time).
4. Players with canons must lead by example in threading with other players.

5. Canon characters must make an effort to engage with non-canon characters. Do not ignore OCs in favour of other canons.

Players interested in canons are still required to fill out a Character Application Form. What we’re looking for in your canon profile is your writing ability (including grammar) and whether or not you can capture the tone of said canon.

Major canons cannot be retired, even if a player leaves the game—when that happens, the canon is made re-available for adoption. However, all prior in-game decisions, contributions, etc. made by that canon’s prior player will remain as part of our own game’s canon going forward, even if someone else does decide to take up the mantle.

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Section 5: Player Etiquette

Regardless of your real world views, our game is here to be a game and not a digital stage for individuals to post hate speech, tirades regarding real world politics, or sexually explicit and offensive content. We have zero tolerance for these kinds of posts, and a zero tolerance policy for the harassment of other players.

Please note: we do consider excessively private messaging players on our boards a form of cyberstalking—if someone doesn't respond to your private message, and you only sent one message, it's okay to ask the other player in Discord chat or in our OOC forums if they got around to reading your PM. It's not okay, to send the player a dozen PMs in the hopes they'll respond.)

We ask existing members to treat new players with a bit of patience while they try and figure out the boards. Instead of berating someone for not using our correct posting processes, try and show them the ropes.

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Section 6: Character Etiquette

You are not your character. Ultimately, we leave it to the better judgement of our players to craft their characters' in-game biases without projecting their real-world biases into gameplay (note: berating others OOC about how much you hate their characters is not allowed, however. That's flaming/roasting - which is combative, uncalled for, and 100% rude).

In the canon Dragon Age setting, there are aspects of racism between Humans and Elves especially. Elves are a minority race in Thedas and they've historically not been treated very well. In a similar fashion, there exists animosty between Human nations in Thedas as well. Orlais, for example, has invaded and occupied Ferelden at least twice—this has led to anti-Orlesian sentiments within various regions of Ferelden though varying degrees.

If another character makes you mad? Step back for a moment and don’t post a response right away. Ask yourself whether or not the character that offended you is truly being inappropriate or if it’s just roleplaying.

Metagaming is also not allowed. i.e. having an in-game character act on knowledge that the player has access to but the character should not. Just because you read another player's character profile top to bottom, doesn't mean your character will have the same amount of insight into the other character's strengths and weaknesses.

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Section 7: Game Rating (PG-13 / 323 / Mature)

As per ProBoards' "Terms of Service", you have to be at least 13 years old to take part in any ProBoards forum. To play our game, however, we recommend players are at least 18 years of age. We will only accept characters 18 years of age, as well.

Our official RPG Rating is 323. This means:

1. Swearing and mature language is permitted.

2. Sexual in-character scenarios are permitted, albeit with heavy limitations*. Please don't use graphic sexual imagery when describing situations in which two characters are getting romantic or amourous with one another. Hot and heavy in-character kissing is fine, but graphic and/or overt references to genitals or penetration won't be allowed as that would violate ProBoards' terms of service.

3. In-character narrative depictions of violence will be allowed.

When writing out any risqué scene, please use your common sense judgement and if you're unsure please add a "trigger warning" in OOC at the top of your post. Something as simple as:

OCC: Trigger Warning! This post has sexual themes and graphic violence.

* We do have 333 channels categorized as "Fade To Black" on our Discord server available to 18+ players who want to explore more adult narratives. The narratives on Discord are carry-over from the narratives on ProBoards. When this type of development occurs, just add (Fade To Black) to the scene.

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Section 8: Posting

We expect players to write with a little finesse. Repeated use of real world or digital slang, refusal to use proper spelling and grammar (i.e. do not write things like “Wut u do dat 4?”) will abruptly get you banned. This is a storytelling game. Consistent narrative is crucial.

Try to keep your in-character posts at least 1 paragraph long, as well.

When in-character, using third person narrative is mandatory. It’s not required when speaking OOC.

We allow a grace period for other players to post their replies to your character’s post. Be patient, narrative roleplay tends to move slowly but the long-term results are usually very rewarding. That said, we also perform Monthly Activity Checks on the 1st of every month so make sure you are participating and/or notifying your fellow roleplayers of any absences.

For more information on the mechanics of actually posting, please jump to our Posting Guide.

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Section 9: Godmode

"Invulnerable" or "perfect" characters are simply not allowed. All characters have to have a balance of strengths and weaknesses. Both magic and brawn have their limits. e.g. get exhausted, get beat up a bit, etc. Try to use the "yes, and..." method in-character. Sometimes it makes for good storytelling if you allow your characters to get hurt or mess up on occasion.

Remember - you can only control the reactions and movements of your own character and not the reactions or movements of another player’s character.

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Section 10: Crediting Artists For The Use Of Their Work

All original character art used requires an artist's permission to use it, as well as a link back to the artist's website. If someone else created your avatar for you, credit them in your signature.

You may use screenshots from the Dragon Age video games, however. In those instances, please credit Bioware in your signature as well.

If an artist contacts staff to request the removal of their work displayed – the image will be removed immediately.

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Section 11: Playing & Adopting NPCs

NPCs are “non-player characters”. Some NPCs are staff-run, shared amongst Administrators and Moderators, in general. You can view the general list of those NPCs here.

Non-staff members may have NPCs, but they must remain background characters. Players are not allowed to bypass the application process for additional characters by having NPCs that wander off on their own.

Personal NPCs are just that, personal. Unless players come to an agreement beforehand, no one can take on the role of someone else's NPC—not even in a well-meaning effort to drive a narrative forward.

Players can post brief notes about their NPCs here, and can make an additional note addressing whether or not these NPCs are available for other players to adopt and make their own as full-fledged characters. Letting other players adopt your NPCs means that you are relinquishing all roleplayer rights you may have had to said NPC. Adopting players will have to fill out an application form for the NPC, to transition the character to full and active status.

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Section 12: Prohibited

1. The Dragon Age setting has its own canon races, as such we won't be allowing non-Dragon Age races in our game.

2. While werewolves briefly made an appearance in Dragon Age: Origins, we won't have werewolves in our game given that the werewolf curse was cured in the DA:O timeline. The closest you can come to playing a werewolf is playing one of the individuals formally afflicted by the curse.

3. Darkspawn are not a playable race. They will only ever make appearances as NPC enemies to be battled.

4. We won't allow superpowered animal familiars. No one can have a "pet" dragon.

5. Shapeshifters are not allowed to transform into dragons in-game, outside of very specific canon scenarios, period. This would be pure god-mode and would be unfair to others. Powerful is fine, all-powerful will get you a slap on the wrist from staff - and repeated instances of god-mode antics will get you banned.

6. Characters (excluding NPCs) younger than 18 at the start of the DA:I timeline will not be approved. It's fine to roleplay flashbacks scenes of your Inquisition-timeline character, in order to build up/on backstories, but ultimately we are all adult writers - intentionally roleplaying as children, outside of those flashback moments, is not what this forum is for.

7. Modern concepts are not allowed. That means no steampunk, no guns, no crazy advanced tech.

8. Characters “from the future” will never be allowed in this game.

9. Art or photos showing very modern influences will not be allowed. You can use screenshots from other Bioware or similar games, if you want to be in keeping with similar animation, but you'll need to crop out the modern stuff (e.g. you could use Kaidan from Mass Effect, if you wanted to, but you'd need to crop out guns, etc.).

10. Celebrity photographs are not allowed as character portraits, but you're allowed to use illustrative artwork that resembles celebrities. You spoke, we listened. We are allowing face claims with one caveat: face claims and headcanons are open to interpretation. In the event that two or more players want to use the same celebrity as their character inspiration in-game (and neither player is willing to budge), we'll collectively agree, in-game, that their characters simply bear a VERY striking resemblance to one another. In real life, people sometimes look like each other. It happens. Rather than fighting over who gets to play whom, it could actually make for interesting roleplay if, occasionally, characters "looked alike" in-game (e.g. mistaken identity plots, switching places plots, etc.).

11. Fanfic. We are a collaborative storytelling roleplay game, we don't allow players to roleplay entirely by themselves (using only their own characters) - which is why we have a guide for in-character relationships. We want players to interact with one another.

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