General Q&A

...aka FAQ!

I have a specific question about canon lore...

Ask us about it here.
If the concept is "beyond Thedas" does that mean I can create new areas?

Yup. Players can create: landscapes, villages, towns, small cities, bannorns, and islands. We'll also review and consider requests for the creation of small nations from across the sea. Make your requests for new areas here.
Can I create my own, unique race?

No. The races of the Dragon Age setting are the canon races of our game's setting, too. You can create different cultures, ethnicities, and societies though.
Why can't I play as a half-elf?

Half-elves don't exist in the canon Dragon Age setting. Children born of elven unions with other races look like their non-elven relatives. They're called "Elf-Blooded" instead. Weirdly, half-dwarves do exist and are taller than regular dwarves. Go figure.
Can I roleplay as a dragon, or have a character that has the ability to turn into one, or have a pet dra-

No. Just, no. Powergaming, including overpowered characters or companions, is not allowed.
I'm bored of my canon, but don't want anyone else to ever play them again. Can I kill them off?

Minor canons can be killed off with staff approval, major canons are essential and can never be killed off by any player, staff or not. The only exception to the latter, is if the canon character does die in one of the future Dragon Age installments.
Why can't I play a Fex? Or a Scaled One? Or...

Because we haven't learned enough about them from the Dragon Age canon lore yet.
What do the icons next to boards and threads mean?

These icons provide context about the board and/or thread. You can view the full legend for these icons here.