Guide: Legend

What do the other board icons mean? Well, we use a number of icons to flag what we imagine will be popular areas, either IC or OOC.

Icons - General

‣ You, the player, have bookmarked a thread.

‣ This board is associated with a Main Plot.

‣ You've stumbled across a poll! If you see this, we want you to participate by voting.

‣ Applications waiting area, this is where you post your first/new character profiles.

‣ Just a marker for the character-to-character correspondence board "Send A Raven"... and possibly a Thor pun.

Icons - In-Character Areas

Major Regions & Capitals

‣ The general marker we use for Ferelden, but it is also the Theirin family crest.

‣ Marker for the Arling of Denerim as well as for the City of Denerim, which is also Ferelden's capital.

‣ Marker for the Arling of Amaranthine as well as for the City of Amaranthine.

‣ Marker for Dragon's Peak Bannorn, part of Denerim's Arling and found in Ferelden.

‣ Marker for the Teyrnir of Highever as well as for the Town of Highever.

‣ Marker for the Teyrnir of Gwaren as well as for the Town of Gwaren.

‣ Marker for the Arling of Redcliffe as well as for the Village of Redcliffe.

‣ Marker for the Arling of South Reach as well as for the Town of South Reach.

‣ Marker for the Southern Bannorn, as part of the greater Bannorn found in Ferelden.

‣ Marker for the Waking Sea Bannorn, as part of the Coastlands found in Ferelden.

‣ Marker for West Hills Arling, found in Ferelden.

‣ Aeducan Thaig, also known as Ruined Thaig in the DA games. It was once home to the powerful House Aeducan, but it was overrun by darkspawn.

‣ Marker for the Anderfels and major Anders settlements.

‣ Marker for Antiva and major Antivan settlements.

‣ Marker for establishments and hideouts related to the Antivan Crows.

‣ Marker for the city-state of Kirkwall, found in the Free Marches.

‣ Marker for the city-state of Starkhaven, found in the Free Marches.

‣ Marker for Orlais.

‣ Marker for Montfort, found in Orlais, but it's also House Montfort's family crest.

‣ Marker for Val Royeaux, found in Orlais, but it's also House Valmont's family crest.

‣ Marker for Verchiel, found in Orlais, but it's also House de Chalon's family crest.

‣ Marker for major Qunari settlements.

‣ Marker for Rivain and major Rivaini settlements.

‣ Marker for the Tevinter Imperium and major Tevinter settlements.

Other Area Markers

‣ The Fade... for those who didn't install the "Skip the Fade" mod when playing the video games.

‣ These mark either Andrastian or Imperial Cathedrals, Chantries, and Chapels.

‣ Circle Tower markers. Many Circle Towers were destroyed during the Mage-Templar War, so we will only be marking active and/or rebuilt ones with this icon.

‣ Markers for Grey Warden strongholds.

‣ Markers for Alienages i.e. the city slums where City Elves typically dwell.

‣ Markers for docks or ferries.

‣ Markers for inns or large taverns, typically places that offer lodging of some kind.

‣ Markers for smaller taverns, typically just alehouses with no formal sleeping accommodations.

‣ Markers for smithies of any variety (Blacksmith, bladesmith, etc.).