Codex: The Inquisitor

Table of Contents:

1. Inquisitor's Path

1.1. Journey to Haven

1.2. The Conclave

1.3. The Wrath of Heaven

1.4. The Threat Remains

1.5. A Friend of Red Jenny

1.6. The Imperial Enchanter

1.7. Scout the Hinterlands

1.8. The Lone Warden

1.9. Utilize the Grey Warden Treaties

1.10. The Chantry Remains

1.11. The University of Orlais

1.12. Master of Horses

1.13. Praise the Herald of Andraste

1.14. Lost Souls

1.15. Deal with Relatives of the Trevelyans

1.16. Stop Albrecht Harassing Messengers

1.17. Address a Nobleman's Concerns

1.18. Vigilance on the Coast

1.19. The Teyrn of Highever

1.20. Champions of the Just

1.20. The Order's Obligations

1.21. Answer A Request From Hasmal

1.22. Choose Successor in Lydes

1.23. In Hushed Whispers

1.24. In Your Heart Shall Burn

1.26. From The Ashes

1.27. Still Waters

1.28. The Forgotten Boy

1.29. Deal with Venatori Ally

1.30. Ides of Justinian

1.31. Fairbanks' Trust

1.32. Dorian's Request

1.33. A Timely Intervention

1.34. Capturing Suledin Keep

1.35. They Shall Not Pass

1.36. Celebrate the Dragonslayings

1.37. Cradle of Sulevin

1.38. Hard in Hightown 3

1.39. Investigate Hunter Fell

1.40. Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune

1.41. Destroying House of Repose's Contract

1.42. Here Lies the Abyss

1.43. A Stranger Rift in the Ruins

1.44. Hotter Than A Forge

1.45. Assault on Griffon Wing Keep

1.46. The Trouble with Darkspawn

1.47. Ides of August

1.48. Subjected to His Will

1.49. Last Resort of Good Men

1.50. Well, Shit

1.51. Following the Lyrium Trail

1.52. Sand and Ruin

1.53. Demands of the Qun

1.54. Perseverance

1.55. Acquire the Arcanist

1.56. Before the Dawn

1.57. Under Her Skin

1.58. Silence on the Plains

1.59. By the Grace of the Dalish

1.60. All New, Faded for Her

1.61. Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

1.62. Revelations

1.63. The Chargers in Orlais

1.64. Bring Me the Heart of Snow White

1.65. Promise of Destruction

1.66. Ides of Wintermarch

1.67. Saving Sutherland and Company

1.68. What Pride Had Wrought

1.69. Ides of Drakonis

1.70. Jaws of Hakkon

1.71. The Descent

1.72. The Final Piece

1.73. Doom Upon All The World

1.74. Attend The Exalted Council

1.75. Trespasser

The Inquisitor

Evelyn Trevelyan lived a cloistered, protected life in the Ostwick Circle as a member of the loyalist fraternity before the Templars there attempted to kill them all, forcing them to flee and join the mage delegation at the Chantry conclave.

In short order, the Inquisition was disbanded. Some were relieved to see the unpredictable organization dismantled. Others preferred to remember the Inquisition's good works and the many lives it had saved. Those who had served returned to their former lives, knowing they had stopped a great evil from destroying the world and hoping that the peace for which they had fought remained, once the Inquisition was gone.

Prior to the Inquisition being officially dissolved by Divine Victoria, Evelyn had her left forearm amputated because the Anchor was slowly killing her. As a mage, who often relies on both hands for casting spells, the amputation was not a decision she made lightly.

Refer to Evelyn Trevelyan's profile or the Inquisition's codex for more information.

Should you wish to learn more about the Inquisitor's choices, you can expand and collapse the Table of Contents as well as some of the quests by clicking on the "Details" button. Major plots are listed in blue.

1. The Inquisitor's Path

Guardian 9:41

1.1. Journey to Haven (Prologue)

Evelyn and her templar cousin's, Alexandra Trevelyan, arrival ahead of the Conclave.

1.2. The Conclave (Prologue)
1.3. The Wrath of Heaven (Main Quest)

• Chose to take the mountain path, saving what remained of the scouting party; Cassandra, Varric & Solas fought alongside Evelyn.

• Becomes known as the Herald of Andraste.

• The Breach and the mark on the Evelyn's hand are temporarily stabilized.

1.4. The Threat Remains (Main Quest)

• Evelyn meets Cullen and Josephine for the first time.

• The Inquisitor visits Val Royeaux in order to talk to the remaining Chantry mothers, facing their accusations head-on and hoping that at least some of them will grow doubtful of the Chantry's claims about the newly formed Inquisition. After Revered Mother Hevara publicly denounces the Inquisition and declares its followers heretics, Lord Seeker Lucius interrupts her speech and one of the Templars under his command knocks her out. He mocks the Chantry mothers and dismisses any idea of allying with the Inquisition before leading all Templar forces out of the city, claiming it is not worthy of their protection.

Belle is recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

1.5. A Friend of Red Jenny (Inner Circle Quest)
1.6. The Imperial Enchanter (Inner Circle Quest)
1.7. Scout the Hinterlands* (War Table Operation)

* Combined with A Healing Hand (Side Quest), Agrarian Apostate, Templars to the West (Side Quest), Apostates in Witchwood (Side Quest), Hunger Pangs (Side Quest), In the Elements (Side Quest), East Road Bandits (Side Quest), My Lover's Phylactery (Side Quest), & Strange Bedfellows.

Corporal Vale and his irregulars are recruited.

Enchanter Ellendra & Ritts are also recruited.

1.8. The Lone Warden (Inner Circle Quest)
1.9. Utilize the Grey Warden Treaties (War Table Operation)

Drakonis 9:41

1.10. The Chantry Remains (War Table Operation)

Heeded Leliana's advice, exploiting the secrets and weaknesses of the Grand Clerics at the Grand Cathedral—cowing them in the short-term but likely making future enemies.

1.11. The University of Orlais (War Table Operation)

Heeded Cullen's advice, sending soldiers and mercenaries to the University of Orlais after Chancellor Jurgen Haulis requests assistance in dealing with the Chantry. The University and the Inquisition become close allies thereafter.

1.12. Master of Horses (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Horses for the Inquisition (Side Quest), Farmland Security (Side Quest), Build Watchtowers (War Table Operation), Trouble with Wolves (Side Quest), In the Saddle (Side Quest), & Where the Druffalo Roam (Side Quest).

• Heeded Cullen's advice; had Inquisition soldiers erect the towers.

1.13. Praise the Herald of Andraste*

* Combined with Love Waits.

Speaker Anais & Lord Berand are both recruited as Inquisition agents.

1.14. Lost Souls (Side Quest)

* Combined with Rescue Soldiers Missing in Ferelden (War Table Operation) & Secure a Route through the Frostbacks (War Table Operation).

• Heeded Leliana's advice; sent scouts to the Fallow Mire and reserved the road for secret use by the Inquisition.

• Recruited Amund.

Cloudreach 9:41

1.15. Deal with Relatives of the Trevelyans (War Table Operation)

Heeded Cullen's advice; chose to openly denounce.

1.16. Stop Albrecht Harassing Messengers (War Table Operation)

Heeded Cullen's advice; chose to send patrols to guard Inquisition messengers.

1.17. Address a Nobleman's Concerns (War Table Operation)

Heeded Leliana's advice; had spies harass the refugees into moving somewhere else, winning Lord Kildarn's favor.

1.18. Vigilance on the Coast (Side Quest)

* Combined with Scout the Storm Coast (War Table Operation), The Captain of the Chargers (Inner Circle Quest), Wardens of the Coast (Side Quest), Cleaning House (Side Quest), A Glowing Key, Red Templars on the Storm Coast (War Table Operation), Red Water (Side Quest), Restore the Port on the Storm Coast (War Table Operation), Reports of Darkspawn Activity (War Table Operation), & Keeping the Darkspawn Down (Side Quest).

• After there are reports of a small group of Grey Wardens traveling along the northern coast of Ferelden in an area, the Inquisition heads to the Storm Coast to investigate.

• The Inquisitor looks into the disappearance of some of Harding's scouts sent to negotiate with a bandit group called Blades of Hessarian.

• Iron Bull and the Chargers are recruited.

• Evelyn challenges and defeats the Hessarian Leader while donning the Mercy's Crest and the Blades of Hessarian join the Inquisition as agents under Cullen thereafter.

• With the help of the Chargers, the Inquisition reclaims Daerwin's Mouth from the Red Templars.

• While exploring Dragon Island, the Inquisition faces off against a Vinsomer dragon.

1.19. The Teyrn of Highever (War Table Operation)

Heeded Cullen's advice; sent an honor guard to Highever.

1.20. Champions of the Just (Main Quest)

• Inquisitor heads to Therinfal Redoubt.

• Impatiently refuses the ritual, demanding to see the Lord Seeker.

• The Red Templar plot unfolds .

• Enters the Knight-Captain's quarters, discovering Denam's treachery.

• Meet's Cole for the first time after getting pulled into the Fade.

• Lord Seeker is revealed to be an imposter: an Envy demon that assumed his form.

• Holds the Great Hall and saves all the uncorrupted lieuntenants.

• Discovers the Elder One wants Empress Celene dead.

• Lord Abernache survives; remains an ally of the Inquisition.

• Tells the templars to rebuild their order as partners and free allies of the Inquisition.

• The Templars join the Inquisition in the effort to seal the Breach; the Mages are left to their fate.

• Ser Barris survives and is recruited as an agent for to Cullen.

• Cole reappears in Haven's war room, startling the advisors.

1.21. The Order's Obligations

• The Order of the Templars receives a request from Perendale to remove a group of mages who have locked themselves in their former Circle Tower, the local populace deems them a threat.

• Heeded Cullen's advice, sending templars to Perendale to investigate.

• The templars disover that the mages only retreated to the Circle for safety. They appeal to the Inquisition for aid and are brought to Haven so that they might aid the fight against the Elder One.

1.22. Answer A Request From Hasmal

• The Inquisition sends aid to Hasmal's Circle, after Hasmal's populace turns on its mages depsite their having taken no part in the Mage-Templar War.

• A number of Hasmalian templars and loyalist mages are rescued and brought to Haven.

1.23. Choose Successor in Lydes*

* Combines War Table Operations of the same name, Part I & Part II.

• Heeded Josephine's advice, removing Caralina from play by deploying tactics of the Game.

• Heeded Josphine's advice, making Jean-Gaspard the Duke of Lydes thereby gaining a dozen Orlesian chevaliers to serve on behalf of his family, and a number of foot soldiers, in thanks.

1.24. In Hushed Whispers (Main Quest)*

* Tweaked so we could still get in on the time magic fun and combined with Investigate Redcliffe Castle (War Table Operation) & Business Arrangements.

• The rebel mages at Redcliffe Castle went silent while the Inquisition dealt with the Templars at Therinfal Redoubt.

• Heeded Leliana's advice—a small party of Inquisition members, including Bull's Chargers, go to Redcliffe. The party pokes around the village before gaining entry to the castle through a secret passage, to see if they could find out what happened with the mages.

• Evelyn meets Connor Guerrin.

• After going to the Gull and Lantern, the Inquisition recruits Clemence.

Tanner is also recruited.

• The time ritual was disrupted, and Gereon Alexius was captured while the rebel mages led by Grand Enchanter Fiona—not wanting to become prisoners of the Inquisition—quickly abandon him to his fate and return to the Elder One to plot their next move.

Dorian is recruited.

Bloomingtide 9:41

1.25. In Your Heart Shall Burn (Main Quest)

Alexius reveals Arl Gallagher Wulff's involvement, thinking it will earn him the Inquisitor's favor.

• With the aid of the unsuspecting Arl of West Hills, Gallagher Wulff, the Venatori are able to boost their numbers by conscripting the rebel mages. With the Red Templars weakened by their failure to corrupt the Templars billeted at Therinfal Redoubt, Corypheus elects to use the Venatori to assault Haven and crush the Inquisition in retaliation for sealing the breach. Led by Calpernia, the Venatori attack Haven en masse. Grand Enchanter Fiona confronts the Herald of Andraste personally in an attempt to prevent them from firing the inner trebuchets but is slain. Haven is destroyed and the Venatori score a decisive victory over the Inquisition, although the Herald escapes along with many villagers and some Inquisition troops.

• Threnn, Seggrit, Harrit, Lysette, Flissa, Minaeve, & Adan were all saved.

Alexius is presumed dead after having been left behind in the Chantry's cells when Haven fell to Corypheus and the Venatori.

• Solas leads the Inquisition to Skyhold.

• The Herald is officially named the Inquisitor; declares the Inquisition for "what's right".

Justinian 9:41

1.26. From The Ashes (Main Quest)

• Settling in at Skyhold.

• The Inquisitor meets the Champion of Kirkwall.

• Varric and Cassandra have it out once it's revealed he knew where Hawke was.

1.27. Still Waters (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Find The Warden (War Table Operation), Capturing Caer Bronach (Side Quest), Burdens of Command (Side Quest), Homecoming, High Stakes, The Naturalist, Wyrm Hole, & Find Crestwood's Mayor.

• Hawke leads the Inquisition to Stroud.

• The Inquisition defends Crestwood from the undead and captures Caer Bronach, allowing them to reach the dam controls needed to drain Crestwood's lake.

Charter is assigned command of Caer Bronach and recieves orders to acquire Marius and Tessa Forsythia for the Inquisition.

• Evelyn tracks the Mayor of Crestwood down, apprehending him.

Jana is recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

• The Inquisition slays a Northern Hunter after draining the lake.

1.28. The Forgotten Boy (Inner Circle Quest)
1.29. Deal with Venatori Ally (War Table Operation)

The Inquisitor goes to West Hill Arling to contront Gallagher Wulff, ultimately making the repentant Arl an agent of the Inquisition in order to commence his passing along false information to the Venatori.

1.30. Ides of Justinian*

* Combined with their respective "Sit In Judgement" scenarios.

• Judged for his crime of attacking Skyhold with a goat in retaliation for his son's death—Movran the Under is recruited as an agent for Cullen albeit assigned to Lord Abernache's service. The two develop something approximating a grudging mutual respect and become a highly effective entourage.

• Judged for his crimes of willfully corrupting his fellow Templars with Red Lyrium, betraying the Order, and murdering the Knight-Vigilant if it was discovered—Knight-Captain Denam is sentenced to death.

• Judged for his crimes of purposely drowning a number of citizens in Old Crestwood during the Fifth Blight—Gregory Dedrick is remanded to the Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

1.31. Fairbanks' Trust*

* Combined with Make Contact in the Emerald Graves and Watcher's Reach Refugees, The Freemen of the Dales (Side Quest), Victims of War, & Noble Deeds, Noble Heart.

• The Inquisition heads to the Emerald Graves to meet with a woodsman known as Fairbanks, offering what he calls "information of value" in exchange for aid in fighting the Freemen of the Dales.

Fairbanks is recruited.

• The Inquisitor gave the proof of Fairbanks' noble birth to Clara.

• The Inquisition has a run-in with a Greater Mistral, while exploring the Emerald Graves.

1.32. Dorian's Request (War Table Operation)
1.33. A Timely Intervention (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Liberate Emprise du Lion (War Table Operation), Take Back the Lion (Side Quest), The Corruption of Sahrnia (Side Quest), Rocky Rescue (Side Quest), & Red Captors.

There are reports of red lyrium and potential red templar activity in the hills of Emprise du Lion. A local baron has petitioned the Inquisition for aid.

1.34. Capturing Suledin Keep (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Call Me Imshael.

• A local baron petitioned the Inquisition for aid, after there were reports of red lyrium and potential red templar activity in the hills of Emprise du Lion.

• The Inquisitor slew Imshael; Michel de Chevin was recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

1.35. They Shall Not Pass (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Restore Judicael's Crossing, 1.39. Securing Safe Passage (Side Quest), & Breeding Grounds.

The bridge has been destroyed, presumably by the Red Templars, to restrict access into the region. Members of the Orlesian Society for the Protection of Historic Architecture implore the Inquisition to repair it, as the Orlesian crown is too involved in its civil war to do so. Evelyn has Cullen deploy a corps of engineers to begin repairs, but the workers are spooked by sightings of dragons flying around the site. Tamar is brought in for extra security, and Frederic of Serault is later recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

1.36. Celebrate the Dragonslayings

Word has spread about the dragons the Inquisition killed in Emprise du Lion—a Hivernal, a Kaltenzahn and a Highland Ravager respectively. Celebrations commence at Skyhold. The head of two are mounted in a conspicuous location to entertain the nobles, while the remains of the third are sent to Wade in exchange for his expertise.

1.37. Cradle of Sulevin

* Combined with Valeska's Watch (Side Quest), Rumors of the Sulevin Blade, & Ruined Blade (Side Quest).

The Inquisition explores the Arbor Wilds in search of the mythical supposed resting place of the Sulevin Blade, a sword from Dalish legend.

1.38. Hard in Hightown 3*

* Combined with Varric's Revenge (War Table Operation), The Search for the Hack Writer (War Table Operation), Unsavory Parallels (War Table Operation), Trouble in Skyhold (War Table Operation), A Dagger in the Back (War Table Operation), & No Dwarf Less Worthy (War Table Operation).

• Heeded Leliana and Cullen's advice; had both the Crows and Brennan investigate.

• Heeded Leliana's advice; had Inquisition agents can track down the knife's source.

• Heeded Cullen's advice; helped the city guard bring Worthy in.

1.39. Investigate Hunter Fell (War Table Operation)

Solace 9:41

1.40. Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune (Inner Circle Quest)
1.41. Destroying House of Repose's Contract (War Table Operation)

Leliana advised the fastest way to end the threat to Josephone's life was to send Inquisition spies to find the contract on the Ambassador's life. With the destruction of the physical contract, the House of Repose had no reason to keep sending assassins after her. Infiltrating the House of Repose, however, took time and several lives. In the end, Josephine was not be happy the Inquisitor took this route.

August 9:41

1.42. Here Lies the Abyss (Main Quest)*

* Combined with Investigate the Western Approach (War Table Operation), & Into the Approach (Side Quest).

• Stroud is left in the Fade.

• Those Grey Wardens who survived the battle at Adamant ventured north into exile, at the Inquisitor's order. They returned to the mighty fortress of Weisshaupt, and word slowly spreads that a battle for control of the Order has erupted. Slowly, the Wardens withdraw from across the north as well. Some believe the ancient order is on the verge of vanishing forever.; the southern Grey Wardens still based out of Ferelden split from the northern faction.

1.43. A Stranger Rift in the Ruins (Side Quest)*

* Combined with A Tevinter Relic Hunt (Side Quest), A Manuscript of Some Authority (Side Quest), The Heart of the Still Ruins (Side Quest), & Investigate Ancient Laboratory (War Table Operation).

There's ancient magic at work in the Still Ruins that appears to be slowing time. A Fade rift appears frozen in place and whatever's keeping the magic at work is preventing the rift from closing.

1.44. Hotter than a Forge*

* Combined with Learn More About Dragons (War Table Operation), Draconology (Side Quest), On the Chantry Trail, Frederic's Livelihood (Side Quest), How to Lure a Dragon (Side Quest), A Manuscript of Some Authority (Side Quest), Translate the Dragon Text (War Table Operation), Hunting Patterns (Side Quest), Sharper White Claws (Side Quest), & The Abyssal High Dragon (Side Quest).

• Frederic's shipment of goods appears to have been waylaid by bandits calling themselves the White Claw Raiders, the Inquisition steps in to help him recover his supplies.

• Frederic concocts dragon bait, but leaves it to the Inquisition to lure a dragon in the Wastes.

1.45. Assault on Griffon Wing Keep (Side Quest)*

* Combined with This Water Tastes Funny (Side Quest), Secure a Source of Water for Outpost (War Table Operation), Deal with the Angry Varghests (War Table Operation), Improving Morale (War Table Operation), All That Glitters, & The Venatori.

• The Inquisition captures Griffon Wing Keep, expelling the Venetori from within the stronghold and surrounding area.

Knight Captain Rylen is given command of the fortress.

1.46. The Trouble with Darkspawn (Side Quest)*

* Combined with Find the Source of Darkspawn & Crossing the Sulphur Pits (War Table Operation).

• The Inquisition funds the construction of an elevated bridge over the toxic sulphur pits.

• The Venatori, led by Servis, were excavating when they accidentally broke into darkspawn-infested tunnels.

1.47. Ides of August*

* Combined with their respective "Sit In Judgement" scenarios.

• Judged for his crimes of apostasy, smuggling, and working for Corypheus—Crassius Servis is recruited as an informant for and agent of the Inquisition.

• Judged for his crimes of conscripting the Grey Wardens to serve Corypheus, and attempted assassination of Inquisitor Trevelyan—Livius Erimond is remanded to the Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

• Judged for her crime of murder (abetting a blood sacrifice)—Ser Ruth is publicly humiliated; first sent to the stocks and later sentenced to hard labor.

• Judged for her crimes of selling the quarry in Emprise du Lion to the Red Templars and continuing to take their gold even after finding out that they were growing Red Lyrium there—Mistress Poulin is sentenced to spend all her ill-earned money in rebuilding the town of Sahrnia.

1.48. Subjected to His Will (Inner Circle Quest)*

* Combined with & Obtain Amulet for Cole (War Table Operation).

Cole becomes more human, thanks to Evelyn and Varric.

1.49. Last Resort of Good Men (Inner Circle Quest)

The Inquisitor gave Dorian the letter (outcome is up to Dorian's player).

1.50. Well, Shit (Inner Circle Quest)*

* Combined with Deep Trouble (Side Quest).

Inquisitor and crew explore the Deep Roads after Bianca says that Corypheus is getting his red lyrium from the thaig that Hawke and Varric discovered years ago.

1.51. Following the Lyrium Trail*

* Combined with The Mercenary Fortress (Side Quest).

• Grand Forest Villa plays a big part in the large lyrium smuggling operation uncovered with Bianca's help. The villa serves as the headquarter of bandits, who teamed up with the Carta to mine the abandoned Valammar. They transport the lyrium through the Hinterlands all the way to the East Road and use the docks in Lady Shayna's Valley to export it.

• The Inquisition is confronted by a Ferelden Frostback in Lady Shayna's Valley.

1.52. Sand and Ruin

* Combined with Stop Venatori Activity in the West (War Table Operation), & The Tomb of Fairel (Side Quest).

• A large number of Venatori are traveling westward to excavate something of great value to their cause. The Inquisition must find whatever its enemies are searching for.

• While navigating the Hissing Wastes, the Inquisition crosses paths with Sandy Howler.

1.53. Demands of the Qun (Inner Circle Quest)

Told Bull to order the Chargers to retreat, saving the Chargers' lives at the cost of the dreadnought and the Qunari alliance, prompting Bull to become Tal-Vashoth.

Kingsway 9:41

1.54. Perseverance (Inner Circle Quest)

Evelyn persuaded Cullen to stop taking lyrium once and for all.

1.55. Acquire the Arcanist
1.56. Before the Dawn (Inner Circle Quest)*

* Combined with War Table Operations Investigate Sahrnia Quarry & Finding Samson's Weakness.

Corypheus has invested great time and effort building a trusted inner circle. Samson is a former templar, a lyrium addict, and now the leader of the red templars. Cullen knows Samson well, and believes intercepting caravans smuggling red lyrium in the Emerald Graves could get the Inquisition closer to taking him down.

1.57. Under Her Skin (Inner Circle Quest)
1.58. Silence on the Plains

* Combined with Investigate the Exalted Plains (War Table Operation), Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove (War Table Operation), Ghilan'nain's Grove (Side Quest), Repair Pont Agur (War Table Operation), For the Empire (Side Quest), Pressed for Cache (Side Quest), A Familiar Ring (Side Quest), Undead Ramparts to the West (Side Quest), Calming Victory Rise (Side Quest), Lay Rest the Western Ramparts (Side Quest), Another Side, Another Story (Side Quest), Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts (Side Quest), & No Word Back (Side Quest).

• Inquisition spies looked into the breakdown of contact between Val Royeaux and Imperial Army forces in the Dales. Troops on both sides agree to cease hostilities, then retreated to their camps to await the outcome of the upcoming peace talks. What occurred after the withdrawal is a mystery. The last communiqué from Gaspard's marshal reported a rash of desertions. After that, silence.

• The ramparts at are cleared, and the dead cremated.

• Pont Agur is repaired, and Citadelle Du Corbeau is retaken by Celene's troops.

• En route to Fort Revasan, the Inquisition faces off against another dragon—this time a Gamordan Stormrider.

1.59. By the Grace of the Dalish (Side Quest)

* Combined with A Dalish Perpective (Side Quest), Investigate Elven Ruins (War Table Operation), From the Beyond (Side Quest), A Well-Stocked Camp (Side Quest)Someone to Lose (Side Quest), Something to Prove (Side Quest), & The Golden Halla (Side Quest).

• Dalish are skeptical of any force as powerful and connected as the Inquisition. It takes considerable effort to earn the favor of Hawen's Clan. The Inquisitor:

• Cleanses the Dalish burial grounds of demons.

• Returns key fragments to Keeper Hawen.

• Helps Nissa keep the camp well-stocked.

• Escorts a rare, golden halla back to Ithiren.

• Told Emalien her brother was brave.

• Returns Lindiranae's talisman to Emalie.

• Discovers an account of events leading up to the Exalted Marches; gives the scroll to Keeper Hawen at the Dalish camp in the Exalted Plains

Loranil is recruited as an agent of the Inquisition.

1.60. All New, Faded for Her (Inner Circle Quest)

Evelyn chose to destroy the surrounding ice pillars, instead of attacking the corrupted spirit.

Harvestmere 9:41

1.61. Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts (Main Quest)

• All companions and advisors attend the ball.

• All three leaders were forced into a public truce by the Inquisitor. The empire's ties to the Inquisition would go on to remain strong, both sides benefiting from the ongoing relationship. The alliance meets with the approval of Celene's subjects, who see it as a necessary move within the game. Orlais prospers, and soon forgets that it could very easily have been otherwise.

Grand Duchess Florianne's crimes were publicly exposed to the court, avoiding further bloodshed.

Morrigan is named Imperial Liaison to the Inquisition and moves to Skyhold.

1.62. Revelations

* Combined with Rainier's Release: An Alternative.

• Just as Mornay is about to be hanged, Blackwall interrupts the execution, and informs the crowd that he was responsible for the murdering of Callier family. His real name is in fact Thom Rainier, a former captain in Celene I's army and Mornay's former commanding officer. Mornay is saved from execution, and Thom Rainier is promptly imprisoned.

• Leliana contacts in the underworld aid in having Rainier released from prison. This route conveniently masks the Inquisition's involvement. Rainier is brought to Skyhold gates under cover of darkness.

Firstfall 9:41

1.63. The Chargers in Orlais*

* Combined War Table Operations Meet Orlesian Mercenaries & Press Orlesian Nobles

Heeded Josephine's advice, having Bull's Chargers lean on mercenaries currently serving Orlesian nobles who wish to rebel while she in turn leans on the nobles.

Haring 9:41

1.64. Bring Me the Heart of Snow White (Inner Circle Quest)

Gave Vivienne the real heart, but Bastien's died anyway.

1.65. Promise of Destruction (Inner Circle Quest)

* Combined with Locate the Missing Seekers (War Table Operation).

Cassandra has reason to believe that Corypheus is behind the disappearance of the Seekers of Truth, but she requires help to prove it. The Inquisitor and crew travels to Caer Oswin, confronting Lord Seeker Lucius and the Order of Fiery Promise. Lucius gives Cassandra a book of the Order's secrets, which sheds some new facts about the Rite of Tranquility. Cassandra is left with the choice in rebuilding the Seekers or not.

Wintermarch 9:42

1.66. Ides of Wintermarch*

* Combined with their respective "Sit In Judgement" scenarios.

• Judged for crimes against Orlais and Empress Celene—Florianne de Chalons is sentenced to serve as the Inquisition's court jester.

• Judged for his crimes of murder, treason, and impersonation—Thom Rainier is... (result is open to whichever player adopts him.)

Guardian 9:42

1.67. Saving Sutherland and Company*

* Combined with
Sutherland and Company Missing (War Table Operation), Sutherland and Company Missing (Side Quest), & A Company of Heroes (Side Quest).

• Sutherland and Company have gone missing and it's up to the Inquisition to rescue them.

Drakonis 9:42

1.68. What Pride Had Wrought (Main Quest)

• In the Arbor Wilds, Morrigan fights alongside the Inquisition, Celene's chevaliers, and Templars against the Red Templars and Grey Wardens under Corypheus' control.

• At the entrance of the Temple of Mythal, Corypheus and Calpernia can be found along with their assembled Venatori forces facing down some Sentinel Elves.

• Evelyn completed the elven rituals, and accepted Abelas offer of an alliance. Abelas stated the Well will not be despoiled. He leaves, stating that he will destroy the Well in order to save it from such a fate. Outraged, Morrigan pursues him.

• A sentinel guide leads the Inquisition through the rest of the temple through secret passages allowing them to avoid combating Corypheus' minions in the inner sanctum.

• Avoided the fight against Calpernia entirely by exposing Corypheus' plot to use her.

• Abelas is convinced to relent in destroying the Well of Sorrows, and allows the Inquisition to access it.

• Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows.

1.69. Ides of Drakonis*

* AKA Samson's "Sit In Judgement" scenario.

Judged for his crimes while in the position of accomplice/general to Corypheus and being a traitor to the Templar Order—Raleigh Samson is remanded to Kirkwall for further sentencing, stregthening the Inquisition's influence in the City of Chains.

1.70. Jaws of Hakkon begins.

* Combined with Investigate Frostback Basin.

Helsdim Rolfsen, Sigrid Guldsdotten, & Storvacker are all recruited as agents of the Inquisition.

Cloudreach 9:42

Jaws of Hakkon ends.

Hakkon Wintersbreath is slain.

Bloomingtide 9:42

1.71. The Descent (Main Quest)

The Inquisition receives an urgent request for aid from Orzammar, as earthquakes in the Deep Roads are threatening to collapse lyrium mines and cut off supply of the essential mineral to the surface.

Justinian 9:42

1.72. The Final Piece (Main Quest)

Morrigan and the Inquisitor summon Mythal.

1.73. Doom Upon All the World (Main Quest)

• The end game against Corypheus and his dragon.

• When the dust settles, Solas abandons the Inquisition without word.

Solace 9:44

1.74. Attend the Exalted Council (War Table Operation)

• While the Inquisitor supported Vivienne's candidacy for the next Divine, Grand Cleric Victoire* played the Game better in the end—taking the Sunburst Throne for herself at the midnight hour. The task of keeping the peace as well as reforming and rebuilding old institutions associated with the Orlesian Chantry fell to its new divine. Given the name Divine Victoria, Victoire immediately enacted reform: a new Templar Order and a new Circle of Magi. She issued a proclamation denouncing the Inquisition, prompting it to be —at least publicly—dissolved. Initially, Divine Victoria had wanted its members arrested but pressure from the monarchy of Orlais prompted her to issue many of its key members a formal pardon instead.
* We have decided on this alternative so that anyone looking to play either Vivienne, Cassandra, or Leliana will have a bit more creative freedom in-game.

1.75. Trespasser

• Received a sending crystal from Dorian, which allows Evelyn and he to communicate from long distances.

• It is revealed the Viddasala has bought Qunari troops, including Kirkwall elves that had converted to the Qun, with plans on assassinating the leaders of the South and converting those who remained, but her plan is ultimately foiled by Solas.

• Jerran is spared, but his body is found later anyway.

• Chose to detain the Inquisition guard involved in a scuffle with an Orlesian servant.

• Iron Bull does not betray the Inquisitor.

• Evelyn figured out on her own that Solas is not an agent of Fen'Harel, but Fen'Harel himself, and confronts him about it.

• To save the Inquisitor's life, Solas takes the Anchor, along with her left forearm, and leaves through the eluvian.

• After the events at the Winter Palace, elves left the Inquisition under mysterious circumstances, as did elven servants across Thedas. None could say where they went, but those who believed the Inquisitor's story about Fen'Harel wondered just how large the Dread Wolf's forces were... and what the ancient elven rebel had planned.

• With the Dragon's Breath disrupted and any hope of a swift victory dashed, the Qunari retreated back to the North. Few knew what debates were waged in Par Vollen, but not long after the Exalted Council, the Qunari launched new attacks against Tevinter. Their aggression caught the already unstable Imperium off guard. Tevinter was soon mired in a war many feared could spread across Thedas. Historically, the two Divines—Orlesian and Imperial—had often united against Qunari threats leaving many to wonder what decision Divine Victoria will ultimately come to in the end. Thus far, the Qunari have already conquered the city of Ventus, known in the past as Qarinus, and the Nocen Sea remains the site of ongoing naval battles between the Imperium's fleet and Qunari dreadnoughts. Rumours of the inevitability of an Exalted March have begun to swirl throughout Thedas.

• In short order, by 9:44, the Inquisition was forced to disband. Some were relieved to see the unpredictable organization dismantled. Others preferred to remember the Inquisition's good works and the many lives it had saved. Those who had served returned to their former lives, knowing they had stopped a great evil from destroying the world and hoping that the peace for which they had fought remained, once the Inquisition was gone.

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