Guide: In-Character Relationships


We encourage applications for relatives of canon and original characters alike.

e.g. Josephine, Cullen, Cassandra, and the Inquisitor, all have relatives - siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. - that we hear about but never see. You might not find them listed in our available canons list, but you can still send in an application for one. If someone is already playing a character that you want your new character to be related to, please give them the courtesy of a heads up via private message here on the boards and work out whatever details you might need to. It's not a guarantee that your application will be approved, as you'll still need to show the moderating team that you've fleshed out this character and made them your own when filling out the application itself.

There's some additional flexibility on minor canon blood relatives amongst the nobility, such as relatives of teyrns, arls, banns, Orlesian aristocrats, or other nobles. Unless it's explicitly stated in the game that someone was the last of their bloodline, we'll allow less immediate blood relations almost without question given that there's a wealth of noble houses to choose from (think of all those noble names that popped up during those War Table missions). This is specific to non-parents and non-siblings.

i.e. first, second, third, etc. cousins, or similar such relations through in-laws.


Don't pretend this isn't the one you wanted to know most about.

None of the prior, leading protagonists (The Wardens, Hawke, or Inquisitor) of the Dragon Age series have romanced any of their companions in our version of the game. We wanted to leave this open and flexible for those taking on canon roles, so that no one was beholden to a prior dalliance. Romances can still happen in the game, but we wanted to allow this to happen organically, in-character on the agreement of whichever players wish to pursue such a route. Romances need not be forever, either... because drama.

Our board is rated PG-13, so more... intimate plots will require more of a written "fade to black" technique. Our board host, ProBoards, doesn't allow for explicit material to be used on their message boards. We may explore an adult content message board for the steamy plots at a later date, if there's a demand, but this would entail jumping to another board to do so and then jumping back to our board thereafter. Most players are content to use the "fade to black" technique in their writing, however. Feel free to ask questions if this isn't clear to you.

Please note, we are an LGBT friendly gaming community - in and out of character.


Canon friendships are canon, meaning that, for example, Hawke and Varric will be buds at the start of our game even if both roles haven't been filled by players just yet. One can assume the other canon BFF is off somewhere, being busy if we've only certain canon slots filled and not others.


These are fun, we encourage them - just remember that you, the player, are not your character. If another character is rude to your character, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other player was trying to be rude to you as a player.

Canon rivalries are canon, meaning Fenris will likely be rude to mages, Anders will likely be cheeky with just about every one, people might still find even a human Cole a bit offputting, more than likely people will think Carver is a dick too, etc. Canons are allowed personal growth, of course, but nothing that fully retcons them.

A Note On All Relationships

While we do allow players who've been active on the boards to apply for additional characters, including canon characters, we do not allow players to only roleplay these aforementioned meaningful relationships with themselves. We are a roleplaying community, not a fan fiction one.

i.e. if you're already playing a canon like Alistair, you cannot romance your other characters with him regardless of whether or not your other characters are canon or one of your original works.

We certainly encourage you to love yourself in real life, just not in-character here on the boards.

There's a slight exception with roleplaying as blood relatives. Players can roleplay non-canon blood relatives, of your own original works, but we only allow this if the player agrees to limiting the solo threads they have with them. Once again, unless another player is actively participating with their own character, with these non-canon blood relatives that you've created, it's just fanfic.

e.g. if you're intent on playing a pair of siblings, such as twins perhaps, then we encourage that they thread in different regions and only ever come together if plots allow organically.

What if you've adopted more than one canon, like Isabella and Anders for example? That just means those two canons will have limited character development interactions on the board. They'd only be brought together in threads where another player is present or when plots truly required it.