Guide: Character Creation

Table of Contents

1. Playing Canons

1.1. Duties

1.2. Unplayables

2. Original Characters

2.1 Naming Your OC

3. Character Personalites
4. Backstories

4.1 Races

4.2 Social Class

4.3 Combat Class

5. Skills & Specializations
6. Starting Factions
7. Character Avatars
8. Character Applications

8.1 The Form

8.2 Submission

8.3 Approval

9. Character Allowance
10. Profile Modifications

Character Creation

We highly recommend that you're already familiar with the Dragon Age series before playing our game. The Dragon Age Wiki, which we are not directly affiliated with, is an exceelent research resource—but do NOT post your character profiles there.

Depending on if you're applying for a canon or an original character, you can customize your creation experience in only expanding the information you personally need by clicking the blue tabs below or by navigating the ToC to the left.

Read this already? Here's the form.

We’ve compiled a Canons List of just some of the available canons. In reality, between the games, the comics, and the novels, the full list is too long. If you’re looking for a really obscure character, we may not have thought to add it. That said, major canons who are absent from our list are, as a general rule of thumb, considered deceased (though some might be NPCs). If you’re unsure, you can ask us about it in Questions About Canon Lore.

Major canons cannot be retired, even if a player leaves the game—when that happens, the canon is made re-available for adoption. However, all prior in-game decisions, contributions, etc. made by that canon’s prior player will remain as part of our own game’s canon going forward, even if someone else does decide to take up the mantle.

Minor canons are generally first come, first serve.

Players interested in canons are still required to fill out a Character Application Form. What we’re looking for in your canon profile is your writing ability (including grammar) and whether or not you can capture the tone of said canon.

1. Players with canon characters are encouraged to post as said canon a minimum of 4 posts (not threads, but each post should be in a different thread) per month.
2. Solo threads won't count toward the monthly minimum for posting, the posts must to be in threads with other players.
3. Players with canon characters cannot turn down thread requests from other players without justifiable cause or explanation such as:
◦ The canon character is in a different kingdom, city, etc. thus making it somehow implausible because… oceans, etc.
◦ The canon character is already in 10 separate threads (we don’t want to overload players).
◦ The canon character is unavailable on a specific in-game date (via the Chantry Calendar because they’re already in a thread at that time).
4. Players with canons must lead by example in threading with other players.
5. Canon characters must make an effort to engage with non-canon characters. Do not ignore OCs in favour of other canons.

Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis at Administration's discretion.

Some canon characters are simply too powerful to allow for fair gameplay, Flemeth being a prime example. We are allowing Shapeshifters with the caveat that turning into a dragon is forbidden unless it is a key part of the canon storyline. Playing a dragon is otherwise god-mode, so we're not allowing it.

Non-Dragon Age characters from other video games, comics, books, or movies are not permitted. You can only play an entirely original character of your own crafting, or a Dragon Age canon character. Moreover, the Races in our game are canon to the Dragon Age universe as well—as such we will never allow other random or mythical creatures in our game (i.e. no anthropomorphic races, no vampires, no hobbits, etc.).

There are no "half-elves" in Dragon Age, there is only "elf-blooded". When elves have offspring with either humans or dwarves they will appear fully human or fully dwarven, Alistair is a perfect example of this.

Original characters are welcomed and encouraged! The turnover for approving original characters might take a little bit more time, as you’ll be asked to make edits here and there to conform to our game’s world state, during the application process itself.

If you want your OC to have close affiliation with another character, canon or not, ensure you reach out to their player first and always abide by the In-Character Relationships Guide.

Most people in Thedas have only one name. Surnames are typically rare, with particularly original ones reserved for nobles and royalty. Some might identify themselves by their trade and/or by the area, or by the characteristics of an area, that they grew up in. If your character is not a noble and has a surname, you'll need to explain how they came to have a last name in their personal history.

The Dragon Age tabletop RPG guides also provide suggestions for naming characters based on their races and regions.

We ask that players who roleplay canons, do so by sticking to that canon’s personality. Some things, like motives, are open to interpretation and some canon backstories are vague at best—in those instances, you’ve more wiggle room to make the canon "your own".

Please note, a character’s personality and biases are not reflective of its player’s personality and biases. If the arrogant Human noble character, used in the example above, calls the City Elf character "knife-ear" in-game, that’s fine. Remember, you are not your character—try not to take in-game banter too personally. In contrast, if the player of the Human noble harasses the player of the City Elf in an out-of-character forum? That’s bullying and grounds for banning.

Use this section in the application to elaborate on your character’s at-a-glance origins i.e. we don’t need a lengthy story beyond you explaining where the character is from, if/how they were educated/trained, and what their ambitions are going forward.

You may wish to specify what, if any, involvement your character had during the Fifth Blight, the Fereldan Civil War, and/or the Mage-Templar War in this section as well.

The only playable races allowed in-game are Dwarves (Orzammar or Surface Dwarves), Elves (Dalish or City Elves), Qunari (Qun, Vashoth, or Tal-Vashoth), or Humans (Avvars included). We don't consider Spirits a "race" per say, since they typically inhabit the body of one of the races already mentioned.

You should include what social class your character was born into, in your backstory. This means whether or not they were born a commoner or noble, etc. If they’re noble, and you're creating a new noble family that isn’t canon, you should add a small excerpt about the extent of the family’s influence in the world of Thedas, so other players know how to react in-game.

In contrast to social class is a character’s combat class. We have four such classes: Civilian, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.

Civilian’s don’t actually take part in "combat". A lot of nobles are actually Civilians, thus we wanted to be able to represent them fittingly in-game.

You can 100% repurpose screenshots of your past Wardens, Hawkes, and Inquisitors for use as your original characters. If you've played Dragon Age on a PC prior, you can also use Nexus Mods to install more hairstyles, skin tones, etc. to make your characters look even more unique if you prefer.

Screenshots, stills, or art of other characters from the Dragon Age universe is also allowed - as is the same for video games with very similar animation e.g. Mass Effect (crop out the space stuff lol), GreedFall, the Witcher, etc.

Otherwise, unique artwork must be credited in your signature to an artist who gave you permission to use their work - and a link back to the artist is mandatory.

Photos of real people (aka face claims or playbys) are permitted. Please avoid modern images and crop out anything like guns, tech, etc.

Some people have a new avatar every time you refresh the webpage. That's called a rotating avatar, and you can make one using various free services online. We often use Universal Sig Rotator, as it works for signatures too.

Our forum has a purely narrative focus. There are no complex game mechanics. Here's why:

1. Heavy game mechanics sometimes deter otherwise amazing writers from the game itself, and we definitely don't want this given that collaborative storytelling is Heroes of Thedas' central focus.
2. It makes the character application system cumbersome for moderators and new players alike (we want to avoid "abandon cart"-style applications).
3. Narrative PBP RPGs rarely, if ever, wind up using things like skills and points systems in-game because they are clunky to track and they take a backseat to the storytelling anyway.

We allow characters to have 2 specializations, specific to their chosen class, maximum. Players must explain how their characters came to this training in their backstories. The specializations are as follows:

Mage: Arcane Warrior (Elves Only), Battlemage, Blood Mage, Force Mage, Keeper (Elves Only), Knight-Enchanter, Necromancer / Mortalitasi, Rift Mage, Saarebas (Qunari Only), Spirit Healer, & Virtuoso.

Rogue: Artificer, Assassin, Bard, Duelist, Infiltrator, Legionnaire Scout (Dwarves Only), Marksman, Shadow, Swashbuckler, & Tempest.

Warrior: Berserker, Champion, Defender, Guardian, Reaver, Spirit Warrior, Storm-Warrior (Avvar Only), & Templar.

The Vengeance and Tevinter Fugitive specs are too specific too Anders and Fenris, specifically—so only those two canons will be allowed to use them.

There's a wealth of factions to choose from, should you wish your character to be affiliated with any of them. We've compiled short summaries for each of them in our Factions codex, and some groups will have their own expanded codex as well (you will find links to them at the bottom of each summary, or in our Codices section).

Keep in mind that the senior-most ranks of factions are generally run by moderators. However, character promotions will happen in-game as narratives progress. Knowledge of upcoming promotions is privy only to staff, in an effort to surprise non-staff players (and their characters!) in-game.

Choosing a faction will have in-game consequences. Characters have to abide by their chosen faction's rituals and mandates, as well as defer to their in-game faction leaders. Consider your faction affiliations carefully, as they may not only have an impact on your character but other players' as well.

Approvals are a 3-step process: filling out your Character Application Form, submitting your application to the queue, and working in tandem with staff to edit the profile prior to a moderator signing off on the finalized version of your application request.

Applications must be filled out in their entirety. The form includes notes in some sections, which should be removed when you go to enter your character’s information.

The form has been pre-formatted for posting, using BBCode (copy and paste it into a new post). You may want to keep a copy on your desktop.

When posting your profile in the Applications Queue, please remember—the subject field of the new post you create should be your character’s name.

Do not delete the [img] links, they are dividers for each section. Also, don't fret about trying to put your skills in a table format as shown in profile's already approved - that's something staff will do for you in final edits:

Heroes of Thedas Character Application - BBCoded (Google Docs)

Once you’ve filled out your first draft, and have not removed the BBCode of the application form, you are ready to post your character profile to the Applications Queue where staff will review it.

Your profile will go through a brief round of edits with the help of a staff member before it’s approved for gameplay. It's not personal, we all have to go through it to maintain a semblance of consistency in the canon world state.

Once approved, the profile is locked and you won’t be able to edit it further without making a special request. Approved profiles are moved to one of our character "galleries". Don’t get too confused by the term gallery, it’s not a place to post multiple photos (simply a pun on the real life term "rogues gallery" as used by law enforcement).

Every new player is entitled to have 3 characters to start with (1 of which must be a canon, it doesn't matter if it's a major, minor, or special canon).

Additional characters can be applied for after 2 weeks only if that player has been active and consistent IC.

For canons only, players can only ever have, over time, a maximum of 2 major canons , 2 minor canons, and/or 1 special canons (i.e. 5 in total).

Major Canons: includes any of the core companions from DA:O, Awakening, DA:2, or DA:I as well as high profile monarchs and prominently featured villains.

Minor Canons: includes lesser-featured or lesser-known characters including those from the books or comics, all non-royal nobility, those mentioned but never seen (e.g. Cullen's siblings), and many of the names mentioned in DA:I War Table missions.

Special Canons: includes the alternative protagonist origins, i.e. those who did not become the Hero of Ferelden or the Inquisitor are still alive, so roleplayers can build alternative destinies for them.

The application process for additional characters will be the same, every time: fill out an application form, post it, and wait for approval before roleplaying as said additional character.

"Wait, wait, wait—back up a second—unlimited OCs? That's bonkers!"

Yeah, well... .

Players can request small changes after approval, if they notice something like a grammatical error or forgot to add a minor detail. Requests can be made in the Profile Modification Requests board. Please note, changes to skill sets or significant history revisions will be subject to the same review as normal character applications and you may be asked to make a few additional edits to your request before it's finally approved. Once it is, Administration will make the required changes.

That's it for Character Creation. Go forth and create like the Maker.