Codex: Champion of Kirkwall

Head of House Amell

Garrett Hawke

Champion of Kirkwall

A notoriously charming rogue who typically relied on humour to defuse the often tense situations he faced in Kirkwall. On his mother's side of the family, Garrett is related to those of House Amell.

The Champion's Path

Prologue - Kingsway 9:30

The Destruction of Lothering

Lothering is destroyed by the darkspawn, and the Hawke family, along with Aveline Vallen, flee to Kirkwall with the aid of Flemeth.

Solace 9:31

A New Home? - Act I

* Combined with the latter, Kirkwall half of the opening prologue.

• Upon arriving in Kirkwall, the Hawkes find out that the city is filled with Fereldan refugees and that the city guard is not allowing any of them to leave the Gallows Courtyard.

• The Hawkes reunite with Gamlen. He has sold the Hawke siblings into indentured servitude.

• Hawke starts working for Athenril as a smuggler.

Birthright - Act I

The Hawke siblings break in to the Amell Estate, occupied by slavers, and retrieve their grandfather's will.

A Friend in the Guard - Act I

Hawke visits Aveline, now a city guard in Kirkwall and discusses a possible job.

A Business Decision - Act I

Varric and Hawke discuss their options for finding a suitable entrance into the Deep Roads, the former informs Hawke that a Grey Warden who might know of one recently arrived in Kirkwall from Ferelden along with the other refugees.

Tranquility - Act I

• Lirene tells Hawke about the Grey Warden, Anders, and directs him to Anders's Clinic in Darktown.

• Anders proposes a favor for a favor.

• Karl has been made Tranquil and set up as bait. Anders is enraged by what has been done to his friend, and as the party is attacked by the templars, the spirit of Justice overtakes him.

Fools Rush In - Act I

Hawke heads to the Hanged Man, where he comes upon a gang demanding payment from Isabela. After they are beaten by her, she asks Hawke to provide backup for a duel she has set up with an old acquaintance that she fears will not play fair.

August 9:31

Bait and Switch - Act I

• Hawke heads to the Lowtown Bazaar at night to meet with a smuggling contact, Anso. He hires Hawke to recover stolen goods that he implies to be lyrium.

• They head to the city's elven alienage, where Fenris is first encountered and he reveals that he had retained Anso to hire mercenaries in order to determine what was being hidden in the smuggler's hideout, which was really a trap set by agents of Magister Danarius to re-capture Fenris. Hawke agrees to help him.

Long Way Home - Act I

Hawke travels to the Dalish camp at Sundermount, after setting out to fulfill his promise to Flemeth. Keeper Marethari sends Hawke to meet her First, Merrill, who will accompany Hawke up the mountain to perform Flemeth's ritual.

Blackpowder Promise - Act I

• Heading back to Kirkwall from Sundermoot, Hawke and company come upon Javaris Tintop and his guards being ambushed by giant spiders.

• After rescue, Javaris asks Hawke to kill a band of Tal-Vashoth to win favor with the Qunari Arishok. Aftwerward, they enter the Qunari compound and report to the Arishok that the Tal-Vashoth were dealt with.

Kingsway 9:31

The Unbidden Rescue - Act I

The Viscount tasks Hawke with finding his missing son.

Enemies Among Us - Act I

• Hawke assists a woman in need, Macha, as she searches for her missing brother, a templar recruit by the name of Keran who has mysteriously gone missing.

• Upon arriving at Wilmod's camp, Hawke encounters Knight-Captain Cullen intimidating the frightened recruit who then turns into an abomination. After helping Cullen, he will tell Hawke that Wilmod and Keran were last seen at the Blooming Rose, but bashfully admits that he was uncomfortable questioning the ladies of the establishment. The investigation takes them to the local brothel.

• Ultimately, they find Keran in Darktown floating in a magical cage. A fanatical apostate named Tarohne found him unsuitable to be possessed and is instead drawing energy from him to help her effots to implant demons into the recruits in order to sow chaos and paranoia in the ranks of the Templar Order.

• Keran is freed. When reporting to Cullen, Hawke persuade Cullen to keep Keran in the Order.

Harvestmere 9:31

Wayward Son - Act I

• Hawke searches for Feynriel, a young man with a talent for magic, a fact that his mother hid out of fear of losing him to the Circle until his nightmares could no longer be ignored.

• After finding Feynriel, Hawke sends him to the Dalish.

Shepherding Wolves - Act I

Sister Petrice asks Hawke to lead a chained and collared Qunari out of Kirkwall to freedom. After things don't exactly go according to plan, he later informs the Arishok about the events that transpired.

Duty - Act I

Sebastian Vael hires Hawke and company to help him uncover and kill the mercenaries that killed his family.

Firstfall 9:31

Act of Mercy - Act I

• Ser Thrask requests Hawke's help in peacefully bringing in Starkhaven mages that escaped mid-transfer to Kirkwall, before another group of more violent templars led by Ser Karras arrives to outright kill the apostates.

• Hawke finds the mages and promises them that will convince Thrask they are dead.

The Deep Roads Expedition* - Act I

* In our story, both siblings survived the prologue. We leave it up to their adoptive players whether or not they joined the Grey Wardens after succumbing to Blight corruption.

After being allowed to enter Kirkwall and working for a year, Hawke needs to join an expedition to the Deep Roads to gain money and status within the city. The expedition is run by the brothers Bartrand and Varric, and lasts just shy of 2 months.

Justinian 9:34 (Time Skip)

Finding Home - Act II

Hawke returns to the Hawke Estate, previously the Amell Estate, having bought it back with the fortune accumulated from The Deep Roads Expedition.

Blackpowder Courtesy* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

The Arishok asks Hawke to track down Javaris.

Offered and Lost* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

Viscount Dumar informs Hawke that the Arishok sent a delegation to meet with him, which has apparently gone missing. Later, after witnessing the delegation's killing, Hawke chooses to be honest with the Arishok about their deaths.

Solace 9:34

Prime Suspect - Act II

Hawke helps Aveline investigate a serial killer.

August 9:34

All That Remains - Act II

• Leandra, mother of the Hawke siblings, goes missing.

• Hawke and company confront Quentin, an insane blood mage, in his lair and see for themselves the disturbing results of his actions.

Kingsway 9:34

Repentance - Act II

After a period of mourning, following his mother's death, Hawke helps Sebastian confront the Harimann family.

Harvestmere 9:34

Following the Qun* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

Worried for his son's safety, after he converted to the Qun, the viscount summoned Hawke to go to Saemus and convince him to come home. Mother Petrice has Saemus murdered, hoping to turn the boy into a martyr for the anti-Qunari cause and inspiring the city to oust them once and for all. The Arishok saw the death of someone under his command by this plot as the final insult, and so discretely begins to prepare his forces for war. As for the viscount, the loss of his own son struck his heart with grief, leaving him incapable of leading his city.

To Catch a Thief* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

After agreeing to help Isabela, she betrays Hawke and makes off with the Tome of Koslun.

Demands of the Qun* - Act II

* Relates to the First Battle of Kirkwall.

• Things come to a head with the Qunari, and the First Battle of Kirkwall begins.

• The Arishok and Hawke a duel one-on-one.

• The Qunari leave Kirkwall after the death of their leader.

• With the Qunari threat ended, the nobility of Kirkwall and Knight-Commander Meredith declare Hawke to be the Champion of Kirkwall.

Bloomingtide 9:37 (Time Skip)

On The Loose - Act III

• Meredith requests that Hawke track down three dangerous apostates (Huon, Evelina, and Emile de Launcet) and bring them back dead or alive.

• Chooses to let Emile de Launcet go free.

Best Served Cold - Act III

First Enchanter Orsino reaches out to Hawke for help after Meredith has confined all Circle mages to their cells and forbade Orsino from traveling further than the Courtyard.

The Last Straw* - Act III

* Relates to the Kirkwall Rebellion.

• Meredith accuses First Enchanter Orsino of harbouring blood mages. Orsino storms off to bring the matter to the Grand Cleric's attention. Seconds later, a bomb Anders planted inside the Kirkwall chantry explodes, killing Grand Cleric Elthina and everybody else inside. As the explosion was not contained, deadly debris from Anders' blast also rained over half of Kirkwall.

• Immediately after the chantry explosion, Meredith invokes the Right of Annulment - calling on the templars to execute every mage in the Kirkwall Circle - despite the Circle of Magi having nothing to do with the Chantry explosion. First Enchanter Orsino rallies the Circle together to fight the templars in turn. Both factions petition for the Champion's assistance.

• Hawke sides with the mages. Violence erupts shortly after the Champion's decision, with the mages and templars now in open warfare across Kirkwall. The city is in chaos.

• After a temporary ceasefire is called, Meredith leads a full-scale attack on the Gallows that sees many on both sides slain, to which First Enchanter Orsino retaliates by resorting to blood magic.

• Following Orsino's slaying, Meredith's insanity is revealed in turn. When Knight-Captain Cullen orders Meredith to stand down and declares her relieved of command, Meredith angrily accuses her templars of being enthralled by blood magic. A battle ensues. When it became apparent that the Champion would prevail, Meredith refuses to accept defeat and attempts to draw more power from a red lyrium sword. Instead, the sword explodes, and the lyrium sinks into her skin, petrifying her. Granted de facto command, Cullen silently ordered the remaining templars to cease hostilities against the Champion.

• While Hawke lets Anders go, he still rejects his help in the final battle.


• News of the slaughter of Kirkwall's Circle spread far beyond the city's borders. The Champion's name became a rallying cry, as a symbol of Mage resistance. This in turn incited the Circles in other nations to rise up against the templars and the Chantry, bringing Thedas to the brink of a war between the mages and templars on a worldwide scale.

• Three years after the Kirkwall Rebellion, Varric Tethras was captured by the Seekers of Truth.

• As for the state of Kirkwall, more templars arrived to serve under Cullen's command to restore order to the city. By 9:41, Kirkwall was ruled by Provisional Viscount Bran Cavin. Bran reluctantly assumed the office only because no one else familiar with the protocols wanted it. He saw his appointment as temporary. Bran spent much of his time negotiating with numerous would-be conquerors of the city while Captain of the Guard Aveline and the Kirkwall Militia ably defended it.

• Kirkwall only began to recover from the calamities of the previous decade in 9:44, when Varric Tethras, a former member both of Hawke's circle and of the reformed Inquisition, was elected the new Viscount by the nobles.

Garrett is a playable canon and is currently open for adoption, using the template above. We use templates for DA protagonists to keep our world fair and consistent for all players. Anyone role-playing Garrett is welcome to create new or adjacent narratives related to the above, but they're also welcome to role-play (i.e. put their own twist on) these very same ones in turn!

Class: Rogue
Personality: Charming/Funny; Mage sympathizer, but pissed at Anders.
Player's Choices: Specialization (must use the Dragon Age: Inquisition system), age, sexual orientation, appearance, and general expanded backstory.