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Warden-Commander of Ferelden

Leonie Caron

Champion of Amaranthine

She is an experienced Warden of Orlesian nationality who was sent from Orlais after having been reassigned to take charge of rebuilding the order in Ferelden as its new Commander of the Grey following the end of the Fifth Blight. Before departing Orlais, Empress Celene I personally presented the Warden-Commander with a new uniform to celebrate her new commission. Leonie also serves as the defacto Arlessa of Amaranthine, as King Alistair handed the arling over to the southern Wardens in recognition of the Order's great deeds. Even though the archdemon was dead, the darkspawn did not immediately retreat back to the Deep Roads—as was natural after prior Blights—and there were reports of a new, highly intelligent breed of darkspawn. This new darkspawn identified themselves as the Disciples. Through investigation, the Warden-Commander discovered that the darkspawn had broken into two warring factions, led by two unique darkspawn: one led by the Mother and the other led by the Architect. Both amassed darkspawn armies and their civil war threatened the safety of Amaranthine until Leonie and her Wardens intervened. She was named the Champion of Amaranthine thereafter. Despite this, and given past sentiments toward Wardens and Orlesians in the nation, her influential role in Ferelden is considered controversial at best.

The Warden Commander's Path

The Amaranthine Conflict (aka The Darkspawn Civil War) begins.

17th Justinian 9:31

The Assault on Vigil's Keep

• Warden-Commander Leonie and Mhairi arrive at Vigil's Keep, which is overrun with darkspawn.

• Conscripted Anders and Nathaniel as well as welcomed Oghren into the Grey Wardens.

The Righteous Path

• Velanna, an angry elf, had been burning all the caravans that pass through the Wending Wood, falsely believing that humans, and not darkspawn, were responsible for her sister's disappearance.

• Leonie and the others encounter the Architect while exploring the Silverite Mine

• Velanna is recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Late Justinian 9:31

Last of the Legion

•Within Kal'Hirol, Leonie first learns of the broodmothers.

• Sigrun joins the party and is later recruited into the Grey Wardens.

Shadows of the Blackmarsh

• Varel reveals the existence of a Grey Warden named Kristoff who was not present during The Assault on Vigil's Keep. He suggests that the Commander investigate his whereabouts starting from the City of Amaranthine—the investigation eventually takes them to the Blackmarsh.

• Leonie and the others are pulled into the Fade, where they meet Justice and learn about the Baroness.

• Leonie decided to help the villagers and stormed the estate's gates.

• Back in the physical world, the Warden-Commander wakes up and notices that Kristoff's corpse is moving. It is revealed then that when the Baroness crossed the veil, Justice was unintentionally brought here as well.

• The Baroness is revealed to be a Pride Demon, but is ultimately defeated.

• Justice/Kristoff joins the party.

The Assault on Amaranthine & The Siege of Vigil's Keep

The Mother simultaneously attacks the city and the keep, but the latter holds—thanks to reinforcements to the structure—allowing Leonie and the others to make for the city in the knick of time. Both the city and the keep are saved.

* We'll be role-playing out both scenarios in-game, players will have the option of holding the keep or going with Leonie to save the city.

Depths of Depravity

• After finally discovering the location of the Mother's lair, a strike team of Grey Wardens led by the Warden-Commander entered Drake's Fall to destroy her. During their descent, the Wardens re-activated three old Tevinter towers with powerful magic stored within.

While the team was exploring Drake's Fall, the Architect met the Warden-Commander face to face for the second time, and explained his intentions and reasons for experimenting on the Wardens during their last meeting. After talking about his inverted Joining ritual and explaining the attack on Vigil's Keep, as well as other events including the Mother's origins, he made the Warden-Commander an offer: in exchange for his help fighting the Mother, the Architect would be allowed to leave with his followers to continue his work. The other Wardens had differing opinions on fighting or agreeing with the Architect, but ultimately Leonie accepted his offer.

The Wardens reached the Mother's lair and after a long and grueling fight, the Mother was slain, putting an end to the conflict.


• The Architect kept true to his word, freeing the darkspawn from the Old Gods' call and gathering his remaining disciples to follow the rest of their kind back underground. Those Grey Wardens in other nations were appalled to hear of the Architect's continued existence, saying that it guaranteed another Blight, but were unable to track him down despite years of effort. With the Mother dead, all remaining darkspawn forces scattered and returned to the Deep Roads. The attacks on Amaranthine came to an abrupt end. Grey Wardens from other nations traveled to Amaranthine and began to hunt and capture some of the Disciples in order to learn more about them. However, darkspawn sightings grew increasingly rare and the dwarves claimed that the Deep Roads had never been quieter. Peace allowed the Wardens to replenish their numbers, and in time the keep bore an army with Wardens as its core, and new heroes would emerge from their ranks to challenge threats to Amaranthine and Ferelden.

• The Orlesian-born Warden-Commander Leonie Caron was hailed the Champion of Amaranthine after saving both the City of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep from destruction at the hands of darkspawn. The arling's capital continues to thrive to this day and, with a large Warden presence throughout Amaranthine overall, the southern Wardens have begun to build up a reputation of political sway in the region. Vigil's Keep serves as Ferelden's main base for the southern Grey Wardens—although Soldier's Peak, found along the Tarcaisne Ridge that separates Highever from Amaranthine, has resumed use by the Wardens as well. Leonie remains the interim Arlessa of Amaranthine.

• A former templar, Rolan, infiltrates the Grey Warden ranks to keep a close watch on Anders. After Anders allows Justice to use his body as a host, Rolan accuses him of becoming an abomination and brings the templars down on him, stating that the Wardens agreed with the decision. Anders kills Rolan, the templars, and the Wardens involved and then flees to Kirkwall. (Refer to Anders' canon short story for more information).

• Nathaniel will dedicate himself to the Order and to clearing the blemishes on his family's name. After saving Teyrn Fergus Cousland from a bandit attack, a portion of Amaranthine is returned to the Howes. Nathaniel passes the holding to his sister Delilah's son. When a new castle is built there, a statue of Nathaniel is erected in its courtyard. He continues to serve the Grey Wardens, reporting to Warden-Commander Leonie Caron as her second-in-command as the Constable of the Grey

• Oghren stays with the Order and tells stories of his prowess in both battle and bed to the new recruits. His drinking games prompts at least one recruit to declare that she'd rather reattempt the Joining than lift another mug. He is eventually stationed as the Field Commander of the Lothering Blightlands.

• Although Sigrun seemed intent on leaving for her Calling, departing for the Deep Roads to finish what she started in Kal'Hirol, the Warden-Commander had a knack for finding important and absolutely urgent things to occupy the dwarf. And so Sigrun delayed her long walk into the darkness for several decades, even though she never stopped cracking jokes about needing to throw herself at death.

• Velanna will remained with the Wardens, but years later, on an expedition in the Deep Roads, Velanna takes off on her own after saying she had seen her sister, Seranni, in the shadows. The other Wardens searched for her, but she was truly gone.

• With Velanna and the Architect gone from the region, the Pilgrim's Path began to see traffic again.

• Kal'Hirol is cleared of darkspawn, and eventually the dwarves of Orzammar attempt to reclaim it. House Helmi ultimately leads a host of dwarves to clear the Deep Roads between Orzammar and Kal'Hirol, and though the losses were great, they are ultimately successful. Kal'Hirol is reclaimed by Orzammar once and for all.

• In time, the Arling began to forget the tales of apparitions in the Blackmarsh, and ever so slowly, settlers drifted into the region. The village was slowly rebuilt, but the baroness's mansion was torn down completely and the site left untouched after both of her previous occupiers (one a wealthy merchant and the other an Orlesian mage) died mysteriously.

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: Warden-Commander of Ferelden; Interim Arlessa of Amaranthine.
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