Guide: Assigned Dialogue Colours

If you're viewing this page, you likely found your way here via the Posting guide, where you would have already learned about how we use colours when characters speak aloud in-game. Below, you will find a list of characters and their assigned colours.

This is entirely different from the colours we use for distinguishing usernames, so if you like one of those colours (and it hasn't been claimed) you can still use it for your dialogue text. For convenience, colours already selected by players will be available, along with their in-character name, in a drop down menu next to the colour wheel picker whenever players go to create a new thread and/or post (that way players don't have to search for the code every time).

Don't know how to pick a colour? Use a site like HTML Color Codes or Rapid Tables, or similar.

How To Use

Find The Drop Down Menu

It will show up as an option when you create a new thread or post:

Place Colour Code In Signature

In-Character Example

"I didn't expect to see you again," she told Cole.

The strange, young man tilted his head to the side and replied, "No one ever expects to see me."