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One of the youngest kingdoms in Thedas. Still seen as a backwater by more ancient sovereignties.

Monarch: King Alistair Theirin

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The Frostback Mountains are a towering range of mountains and forbidding peaks, on the western border of Ferelden, that run from the banks of the Waking Sea to uncharted territories in the south. They are home to the robust human tribes of the Avvar and, beneath the cordillera's northern foothills, most of the continent's dwarves. The cold can kill in these higher elevations.

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More To Explore: Temple of Sacred Ashes - Haven - Redhold - Muirne’s Pass - Skyhold - Sulcher's Pass

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Chasind Wilders tell of a wasteland of snow and ice, south of the Kocari Wilds, filled only with desolate tundra and nomadic barbarians. Most northerners believe little of what the Chasind have to say.

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