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Info on the in-game changes to DA canon lore.

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All you need to know, with a navigable table of contents to boot!

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A codex is a collection of information. The codices provided in our game are specific to our in-game factions and regions.

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A face claim (or a FC for short) is a term used in roleplaying forums like this one to describe a real person (usually an actor/celebrity) used for the physical description of a character. Here you will find a list of "claimed" faces.

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Also known as General Q&A.

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Here's what you might need to know about the (in-character) familial, romantic (bow chicka bow wow), or rivalrous relationships of Thedas.

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Perplexed as to the meaning of icons on the boards, outside of those explained in the abbreviated legend? You can learn about the rest here.

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General game mechanics guide regarding magic in the world of Thedas.

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How to switch between usernames/characters on the forum.

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Redirect page to the board host's general user guide.
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If you want clarification on anything to do with the canon characters, plots, places, etc. you can make your inquiry about that here.

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Otherwise known as the Twelve Writs.

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Information regarding your friendly neighbourhood administrative and moderating team, as well as our member ranking and grouping systems.

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Extra! Extra! Official boards news, updates, and announcements will be posted here!

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Need help approximating how long it would take for your character to travel between two different locations? This is the guide for you!

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This is a community for roleplayers who are a fan of the world created for the Dragon Age series. Our adaptation of the game expands its focus beyond that of the main characters of the series overall, exploring relationships and plots that may or may not be "canon".
You can read crucial information about our WORLD STATE here.


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